Turning Point of Tampa Treatment Center Review: Complete Healthcare Plan

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Turning Point of Tampa Review

Turning Point of Tampa has been founded by Michael Radcliffe, a local man looking to help people achieve sobriety again like he himself was able to. The center started working 30 years ago and has since been offering top-tier quality, dual diagnosis and substance addiction treatment, as well as treatment for other, sometimes co-occurring disorders like eating disorder.

The campus is located on the west coast of Florida, a few minutes away from Gulf of Mexico.

Turning Point of Tampa: Treatments, Programs and Staff

The Turning Point of Tampa Treatment Center bases its programs upon the already checked and proven 12-step philosophy. The center itself does not offer medically supervised detox, but patients who do require it can be referred to one of the facilities which offer it and are partnered with Turning Point of Tampa.

The center offers 60 or 90 days long residential treatment program that starts immediately after admission. There is an emphasis on treating co-occurring disorders as well as substance dependency; since the staff at Turning Point of Tampa has a goal of preparing each patient for life after the rehab is done.

There are both group and individual meetings that the patients need to attend. Group sessions are organized twice per day, while individual counseling with one of the facility’s counselors is held once a week.

Aside from treatment sessions that are aimed specifically at addressing dependency and other co-occurring disorders, there are also educational sessions that teach patients about the ways that can help them maintain sobriety. Learning about maintaining abstinence, denial and acceptance, relapse prevention, handling triggers and trauma issues are just some of the topics covered in these sessions.

Facilities and Extras

The housing facilities are located on a campus and are 50 feet away from the treatment offices. Rooms are private or semi-private depending on patient’s need and availability and there are 4 patients sharing a two-story duplex. There is a fully equipped kitchen and laundry room available to patients.

Managing meal and cooking are taught during Turning Point of Tampa’s educational sessions. There are organized trips to the grocery store and each patient has to learn to prepare their own meals and how to eat healthy.

Rules and Regulations at Turning Point of Tampa

A day at Turning Point of Tampa starts with morning meditation at 8:30am followed by a group therapy at 9:15am. The lunch is at noon and lasts for one hour after which there is another group therapy session at 1:15am. Patients are given free time after 5pm, but are required to attend 12-step meetings each evening. Lights are out at 11pm.

Patients can be visited by their family after they have completed a week in treatment and after their counselor approves visitations. Visitations are on Sunday from 1pm to 5pm and there is a family program each month, during a three-day weekend.


Turning Point of Tampa offers some of the most comprehensive treatment plans in the area, putting accent on aftercare and relapse prevention. Each patient is welcome to attend ‘recharge’ sessions every three months in case they feel like they need additional psychiatric help.

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