Treasure Coast Recovery Rehab Review — A Multidisciplinary Model

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Located just north of Palm Beach in Stuart, Florida, Treasure Coast Recovery provides treatment for substance abuse and addiction. While newly founded in 2012, Treasure Coast understands that recovery can only result from a stable, friendly, caring atmosphere. The residential style treatments reside in high-end, gender-specific sober living homes.

Treasure Coast Recovery Treatment, Programs, and Staff

What is a Multidisciplinary Model Treatment for Addiction?

Treatment at Treasure Coast is based on a multidisciplinary model of substance abuse. They believe that like any disease, dependence affects your mind, body, and spirit. Treasure Coast understands that dedication, hard work, and treatment are essential for success. Treasure Coast offers a path to follow no matter where the individual is on their journey to recovery.

Detox Partners

Treasure Coast Recovery is not an acute care facility. Individuals who are suffering from significant medical and psychological issues may need stabilization before admission.

Treasure Coast Recovery works with medically monitored detox facilities. Here, a specialized treatment plan is devised by experienced physicians that will closely track every client. Withdrawal may cause severe pain and stress—medications are used to ease these symptoms as needed.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Treasure Coast Recovery’s Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Sun PHP, is a highly organized framework that provides medical supervision plus addiction treatment. Sun PHP treatment may include individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Treasure Coast Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), Sail IOP, is a step down from the Sun PHP program. It is structured to help clients ease back into a functioning society after completing the treatment. In the Sail IOP program, the client attends treatment 3 to 5 times a week and then lives out what is learned in their home. The focus is on sober living skills and relapse prevention.

Spiritual Healing

Healing the spirit is an important aspect of Treasure Coast Recovery’s healing process. They offer a variety of spiritual treatment methods. Clients do not need to believe in a higher power to take part in the power of oneself. Therapists will guide the client on their individual path of spiritual cleansing.

Other Addiction Treatments

Treasure Coast Recovery therapists are trained to handle different forms of addiction, such as eating disorders, sexual addiction, social media, gambling, and gaming addictions.


The staff of Treasure Coast includes a Master’s level licensed mental health counselor, a Master’s level psychologist, several Master’s level primary therapists, licensed nurses, and a program manager.

Treasure Coast Recovery Facilities and Extras


The homes that clients live in throughout their therapy at Treasure Coast recovery provide a supported and comfortable setting so clients can place focus on their recovery. The homes are subject to availability, treatment level, and approval by insurance.


Clients of Treasure Coast Recovery start off each morning with with a meditation session. They believe that meditation sessions help clients outline their recovery goals. A range of exercise and fitness activities are also a part of the individual’s therapy. Exercise programs help clients better cope with the physical and emotional stresses associated addiction.

Rules and Regulations in Treasure Coast Recovery

What is a Typical Day in Treasure Coast Recovery?

A typical day at Treasure Coast begins at 7:00 am and ends at 11:00 pm. In between wake-up and lights-out, clients work through individualized treatment programs. The daily schedule is noted in a personalized client handbook—clients will work one-on-one on their specific addiction issues with a counselor or therapist or may attend a community lecture.


For a sense of community, clients share meals with other clients in their specific living quarters.


Treasure Coast Recovery nurses administer medications if needed. The medical staff is available to answer questions or concerns regarding medication symptoms that a client may be experiencing.


A client’s treatment investment is not something that should be taken lightly. Admissions specialists will work with individuals to determine the appropriate financial assistance. Insurance and other self-pay options are available.

Treasure Coast Recovery Review Summary and Main Complaints

Treasure Coast Recovery educates their patients about three elements needed for success: an open mind, willingness, and honesty. Recovery is ultimately the patient’s responsibility, but Treasure Coast Recovery is on the patient’s team by providing confidence and the skills needed to conquer addiction.

Treasure Coast has more five star reviews online than negative reviews. A Facebook reviewer stated, “Rehab is supposed to be fun, and all the activities they had scheduled for us were definitely that.” A few negative reviews, over a year ago, focused on their negative experience with the staff; however, more recent reviewers rave about the kind and “amazing” staff.

Treasure Coast Recovery’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) Profile reveals that clients have been concerned with billing practices, but again, the positive reviews exceed the negative.

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