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Opened in 1985 in North Miami Beach, Transitions Recovery Program began providing a fresh start for those battling addiction. Their programs follow a 12-step process, supporting the philosophy that recovery is found with education, personal growth, reality-based tasks, dual-diagnosis treatment, and family programming.

Transitions Recovery Treatment, Programs, and Staff

What is the Philosophy of Transitions Recovery?

Transitions Recovery provides rehabilitation designed to instill a sense of hope and positive anticipation for the future of drug and alcohol dependency. Their philosophy is to counteract the suffering from the adverse outcomes of substance abuse. The education and skills development Transitions Recovery provides plays a pivotal role in the lifelong journey of rehabilitation from addiction.

Programs Offered from Transitions Recovery

Transitions Recovery offers substance abuse assistance at every stage of the rehabilitation process. These include:

Transitions Recovery’s relapse prevention begins at the time of admission. Reality-based care, alcohol and drug education,12-step recovery principles, aftercare planning, and participation in the local recovery community are crucial parts of Transition’s relapse prevention.

Dual-Diagnosis Drug Treatment

Transitions Recovery recognizes that almost 70% of individuals with drug and alcohol addictions may suffer from a co-occurring mental disorder. For such patients, a full recovery is nearly impossible unless these co-occurring disorders are recognized and treated. Transitions Recovery offers treatments for co-occurring mental disorders like anxiety, depression, anger, eating disorders, sexual addiction, etc.

Clinicians of Transition Recovery

Transition Recovery claims to provide a friendly, reality-based healing setting, guided by kind, professional staff, who are prepared for co-occurring diagnoses and prescribed treatments.

The team of clinicians at Transition Recovery are prepared to treat patients with a dual diagnosis. The specialists include psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed nurses, and counselors. Education is one of the key components used by these experts in the dual-diagnosis treatments. They focus on helping patients understand more about their disorder and their addiction.

Transitions Recovery Facilities and Extras

What are Transitions Recovery’s Accommodations?

A private gated community provides fully furnished, two bedrooms, two-bath apartments. Genders are separated and the living quarters are staffed by house managers who live on-site. The house managers provide support, maintain a safe environment, and monitor the community. Clinical staff is routinely on-site to offer guidance and support during evening hours until curfew.

Patients can enjoy the swimming pool, patio area, and opportunities for exercise on the volleyball and tennis courts. Transitions Recovery encourages patients to engage in a nutritious diet and a customized fitness regimen to enhance the rehabilitation experience and promote a healthy, active, sober lifestyle.

Rules and Regulations in Transitions Recovery


Referrals to Transitions Recovery’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation program are made by mental health counselors, physicians, professional regulatory organizations, managed care organizations, insurers, employers, Employee Assistance Professionals, union membership professionals, and individuals seeking addiction treatment for a family member. The referring family member or professional remains involved in the ongoing evaluation, treatment, and the continuation of care.

Admission Assessment

Admissions to Transitions Recovery drug rehab program are seven days a week. A trained professional, capable of making a unique plan for each person’s substance abuse treatment, including dual diagnosis, will perform the initial evaluation and begin the individualized treatment process.

Preparing for Admission

Cash may be brought for the many local businesses around the facility—Transitions Recovery will put the patient’s spending money into an account.

Cigarettes are permitted in certain areas. Patients may purchase cigarettes at local stores.

Upon arrival, the patient is recommended to call someone to notify them of their safe arrival. Each apartment has a phone that is allowed to be used at certain times. Calls are limited to 15 minutes.

Transitions Recovery Review Summary and Main Complaints.

Transitions Recovery believes that education and outreach are essential to eliminating the social stigma confronted by people recovering from alcohol and drug abuse. Transitions Recovery states they are, “actively involved in [education and outreach] throughout the community.”

An online reviewer from CiteHealth stated, “This is a program that also works on your living skills by being self-sufficient. You cook your own meal, shop and responsible to be on time. You are taken to a meeting off site everyday and must get a sponsor in AA or NA while here.”

Overall, Transitions Recovery has an average online rating; many clients wish to be in a better position to manage their addiction after the completion of the program.

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