Transitions Inc. Treatment Center Rehab Review: Therapeutic Community

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Transitions Inc. was founded back in 1969 by North Kentucky citizens who were concerned because of the growing addiction problems. Three most influential group members were from the Droege family, and they came up with the idea to found a rehab facility right there, in their house. The facility was first named Droege House in the family’s honor.

Within a residential program, there are two facilities—90-day women’s residential addiction program, that allows children to stay with their mothers, located in Covington, and all-men facility placed in former Droege family house. The capacity of the men’s facility is 24 beds. Two to four residents share their rooms. There is a small exercise area with a pool table.

When it comes to the female facility, it is adapted to provide sanctuary for pregnant women and new mothers. Childcare services are also provided. Women in the facility share their rooms. Also, there is a shared bathroom on each floor.

Transitions Inc.: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Transitions Inc. provides their clients with seven to ten-day non-medically supervised detox. The treatment is based on 12-step philosophy and therapeutic community model. Residents run the household, prepare meals, and take care of the budget.

Clients can attend an individual and group therapy sessions.

When a residential treatment is completed, a client can enroll in an outpatient recovery program, counseling, or a halfway house.

Transitions Inc.: Facilities and Extras

Transitions Inc. has halfway houses in Ashland, Newport, and Covington. Also, once a residential part of the rehab is finished, the client can start an outpatient recovery. Also, patients can continue with counseling for up to a year.

Additionally, in Covington, there is a Healthy Newborn House, founded to help pregnant women with addiction problems to give birth to healthy babies.

Rules and Regulations in Transitions Inc.

The waiting list for residential treatment is quite long, and clients have to wait in average for a month to start a recovery process. For detox and outpatient program, the waiting list is very short and the client can start a recovery process almost immediately.

In the male facility, men are on therapy sessions from 9 AM to noon, and when it comes to the female facility, women attend therapy sessions from 8 AM to 4 PM. 12-step meetings are available a couple of times a week. Also, residents are allowed to work outside of the facility in the late phases of the recovery. Everyone who can work is encouraged to do so. Also, clients are obligated to contribute to the household as much as they can by doing house chores.


Transition Inc. is an addiction treatment center that provides its clients’ detox, inpatient, and outpatient services. The treatment is based on a 12-step philosophy and therapeutic community model. After the residential treatment is done, clients can continue with counseling sessions for up to a year. Also, they can start with the outpatient treatment program.

For moms-to-be, there is a service called Healthy Newborn House. The main goal of the stay in this facility is the well-being of the baby.

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