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The Transformations Drugs and Alcohol Treatment Center opened its doors in Delray Beach, Florida, in 2007. The 12-step traditional treatment program is combined with Christian dual diagnosis program in the duration of 30 to 90 days, depending on the client’s specific needs. The holistic treatment of this facility addresses the psychological, physical and spiritual dimension of the addiction.

Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Upon entry, each client is assigned a counselor who monitors their progress and tailors individualized treatment plan, if needed.

For clients, a typical day at Transformations treatment center begins with preparing the breakfast and cleaning the apartments. Meditation session starts at 8:30 am. An hour later, clients are transported to the treatment facility and attend a two-hour group therapy. After lunch, there is more group therapy, as well as individual therapy and education classes, until 4:30 pm. Clients prepare dinner in their apartments, after which they attend an off-site 12-step meeting or one that Transformations hosts on-site. The lights are out at 11 pm.

The process of detoxification is performed in a 20-bed medical facility – Summit Detox, which enables for the entire process to be safe and comfortable. This facility offers detoxification from alcohol and drugs, including heroin, opioid, and benzodiazepines. Vitamin regiment and innovative natural remedies are included in the detox performed by this nationally accredited member of Transformation Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center Family.

The specific Premium Program at Transformations includes a holistic therapeutic approach, expressed with the help of small group meetings, 12-step meetings, gender and age specific groups, Christian groups, First Responder program, Veterans program, weekly alumni meetings, aftercare, life skills, recreation and support for family and friends. The clients included in this program live in a serene campus or houses in a quiet, peaceful neighborhood.

The individualized programs are designed especially for adults (over 30) and young adults (under 30). Both groups work with trained masters-level therapists. Christian/Faith-based program is another individualized program, in which master-level Christian therapists incorporate religious principles into sessions, and include activities like Celebrate Recovery, baptisms and church services.

After completing inpatient care, clients step down to Intensive Outpatient Program and standard outpatient programs. A weekly alumni group is also organized to support clients with aftercare for up to six months after the treatment ended.

Transformation’s staff includes licensed mental health counselors, certified addiction professionals and master-level therapists, psychologists, holistic medicine specialist and nurturing staff who work together on providing the best possible care. Clinicians are trained in treating clients with dual diagnosis, and process groups deal with co-occurring disorders. Nurses are on call from 8 am to 5 pm, medical technicians from 4pm to 12am and a psychiatrist is available around the clock.

Facilities and Extras

Housing options are truly remarkable at Transformations, because comfort and safety are an important part of the recovery. The clients live at Integrity Way properties – luxurious community housing, placed only a few minutes from the beach and Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center. Transportation from villas to the treatment center is provided.

As a part of inpatient treatment, Transformations offer accommodation to 85 residents. Most of them are placed at Integrity Way VIA – a garden style complex with two bedrooms, two bathroom condominiums. Each client has a private bedroom and a bathroom. The entire complex features a pool, basketball court, clubhouse and pond views. Clients are also welcomed to use washers, dryers, flat-screen TVs and fully equipped kitchens. Telephone and computer can be used under supervision. As for male clients with lower-paying insurance, they are housed nearby in a smaller condo complex – Integrity Way Villa.

This treatment center offers its residents to express themselves through music, in a music studio. Adventure therapy in nature, serenity lounge, beach trips, cooking classes and yoga are additional options for clients, all with the goal of making them feel better.

On the weekends, the life skills coach takes clients grocery shopping, and residents make their own meals throughout the treatment.

Rules and Regulations at the Center

The admission process begins with a phone call, and a screening appointment is set up. The admission coordinators help the clients throughout the whole process of admission and make it organized and stress-free. Transformations is an out-of-network provider with all insurances. PPO insurances are accepted, and financing services for self-pay clients are offered.

Transformations Inpatient cost is $22,500 for 30 days.


Transformations is a robust, multi-program treatment center, which offers an admirable number of quality services. Upscale accommodations are only contributing to the overall healing process, and the individualized attention by trained experts offers a long term care even after the inpatient process is finished.

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