The Warrior Lodge Rehab Review: Rehab in the Appalachian Mountains

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The Warrior Lodge Review

The Warrior Lodge rehabilitation center is just one of the many facilities in the Bradford Health Services network that spans almost six different states in the South. The Warrior Lodge is ensconced in the beauty and tranquility of the Appalachian mountains and only 30 minutes outside of Birmingham, Alabama.

Up in the Mountains

The peaceful location of the Warrior Lodge makes it the ideal place to host Bradford Health Services inpatient and outpatient programs, but also its Extended Care program for sufferers of multiple relapses or for those who require more in-depth treatment for dual diagnosis disorders.

The Warrior Lodge stretches across over 80-acres. It has accommodations to house both men and women enrolled in the inpatient residential program, as well as the Extended Care program.

Inpatient residents live in shared accommodations. Each recovery cottage can house up to 16 people at a time. The cottages have all the basic amenities (kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, etc.) to make them self-contained.

Residents sleep two to a room in functional, yet comfortable rooms that offer plenty of sunlight. The rooms resemble mid-range motel rooms, with carpeted floors and small work tables to allow for study and reflection.

The facility itself makes good use of its surroundings. Recreational activities revolve around the natural infrastructure around the central buildings. There are zip-lines and hiking trails that weave around the centuries-old trees and foliage.

With a name like the Warrior Lodge, it makes sense that most of the interiors of the buildings reflect that frontier spirit. While being set within an inviting natural environment, the lodges and cottages that make up the campus are just as welcoming.

The main building features fireplaces and comfortable couches and chairs to sit and escape the outdoors for a while. Clients and staff eat together in a spacious cafeteria, but patients can also cook for themselves in their appointed cottages.

Finding the Warrior

The Warrior Lodge has patient services for a variety of different disorders. All incoming patients receive in-depth assessments from counselors and medical staff.

Detoxification treatment for patients who require it is available at the Warrior Lodge. Most withdrawal periods last for 24 hours but can extend further if needed.

After detox, patients transfer to the recovery cottages. The Warrior Lodge is a firm believer in the spirit of community as an essential factor in the recovery process. Being placed in a communal setting allows patients to learn from each other as well as the chance to re-learn valuable social skills.

Treatment plans are all individualized, but most plans follow a tight schedule. Patients attend treatment sessions six and a half days a week. There are a required 15 hours of group therapy along with an additional two individual therapy sessions.

Compulsory attendance at 12-Step meetings is another feature of the treatment scheme at Warrior Lodge. Interspersed in between these sessions are more alternative therapies.

Residents participate in adventure-based therapies that challenge their perceived self-limitations to help restore confidence and self-esteem. Family participation is also another highlight of the Warrior Lodge experience.

Family members can attend therapy sessions three times a week. They, along with the patient, learn more about the science and complexity of addiction to help them better understand the plight of their loved one.

Specialty groups attempt to discover any underlying emotional issues behind a person’s addiction problems. Grief at the loss of a loved one or a past traumatic experience can all be potential triggers for addiction. Treatments for such afflictions at the Warrior Lodge include individual as well as group therapy sessions with psychiatrists and therapists.

Included in the Warrior Lodge’s outpatient treatments are relapse prevention classes, as well as a continued emphasis on the 12-Step philosophy to ensure a long-lasting recovery. A distinct feature of the outpatient program at the Warrior Lodge is that some patients enter residential treatment after being outpatients, instead of the other way around, which is the typical format that most rehabs follow.

The Warrior Lodge is a single link in a chain of addiction and mental health treatment centers that make up the Bradford Health Services network. The Warrior Lodge itself acts as the perfect retreat for someone looking for a quiet place to receive care.

The natural setting abets the attention from a multidisciplinary staff who use a broad range of treatment options from group therapy to holistic fare like yoga and meditation to help you recover from substance abuse.

Price for 28-days at The Warrior Lodge: $19,800

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