The Recovery Team Treatment Center Rehab Review: Prime Care

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The Recovery Team Review

The Recovery Team initially started as a friendship between two men on their road to recovery, who recognized the need to create a loving environment for addicts to recover. Opened in 1995 by Bill Schrader and Fred Pettersen and back then called Recovery Resources, the center operated as a small outpatient clinic based on the 12-step strategy. Nowadays, under the name of The Recovery Team the center aims to provide the essential nurturing care and hope by meeting individual needs of each patient in North Palm Beach, Florida.

The Recovery Team: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

The Recovery Team offers a vast range of treatments, as it approaches patients as whole persons. As such, the center restores patients not only physically and mentally, but emotionally and spiritually as well. Each program that The Recovery Team conducts is structured to make a balance between evidence-based treatment, holistic therapies, experiental treatments, nutritional guidance, and aftercare planning.

The Recovery Team provides care through partial hospitalization program, intensive outpatient program, outpatient program, and sober living program. Through all levels of care, the center offers treatments for alcohol, benzos, cocaine, crack, meth, designer drugs, and prescription pill addiction.

Regardless of the program or the nature of dependency, The Recovery Team makes sure that each patient receives the needed therapy and training for a successful completion of a substance abuse treatment program, and moreover, for a life-long sobriety. All chemical dependency treatments include individual and group counseling, psychiatric evaluation, medical evaluation, pain management, 12-step meetings, and life skills training.

Additional therapy includes biofeedback technology, a tool that The Recovery Team uses to develop coping mechanisms in patients to resist cravings and impulsive behaviors. This technique teaches the addict to recognize changes in their body that might suggest that a desire for substance intake will occur. Treatment programs at The Recovery Team utilize biofeedback as a relapse prevention technique, through which patient gains capacity to practice distraction, automatic response, the planned solution to boredom, coping tools, awareness arousal control, and mental health rehearsing using imagery techniques.

The Recovery Team: Facilities and Extras

The authentic seaside architecture of The Recovery Team’s buildings combined with beaches, ocean, and palms makes a perfect setting for patients to recover throughout all addiction treatment process.

In gender-specific sites, both men and women can enjoy luxurious accommodation and a safe, secure, supervised and supportive community environment. Both male and female residencies include elegantly equipped kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Colorful walls, large windows, plants, and interior design solutions resemble a seaside home, where patients can rest in tranquility and enjoy the sun.

Given its location, The Recovery Team also provides additional nurturing therapies that are not necessarily based on medical and mental services but help patients to recover from substance addiction and abuse. These extracurricular activities include health and fitness, massage therapy, fun and adventurous outings, family treatment and therapy, nutritional education, art therapy, recreational therapy, and vocational training.

Rules and Regulations at The Recovery Team

As of the admission process, The Recovery Team’s staff assists clients with the pre-admission assessment, financial review, travel and arrival coordination.

Patients are allowed to bring essential items, including no more than two suitcases of comfortable clothes and shoes, alcohol-free toiletries, writing material for taking notes, photo ID, medical insurance card, prescribed medications and a list of allergies. Additionally, the center allows patients, based on specific situations, to bring family photos, journaling materials, empowering music, spiritual and religious items, and books. If the staff finds that certain things are not appropriate, they reserve the right to forward them to family members or hand them over to the patient upon his completion of the program.


The Recovery Team gives its patients an opportunity to heal in a first-class treatment in a luxurious environment. By approaching substance abuse and addiction on multiple levels and through various programs, The Recovery Team strives to take their patients to the road of recovery.

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