The Priory Hospital Rehab Review: Britain’s Leading Rehab Center

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The Priory Hospital Roehampton in southwest London is a paragon of addiction and mental health treatment in Britain. The Priory Group is a leading provider of care for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders throughout Great Britain. They have rehab centers all around the country, but the facility at Roehampton is its most famous and best illustrative example of the continuum of care it offers.

A Tradition of Care

The Priory Hospital Roehampton originally started as a private residence. Built in 1811, the home became a hospital in 1872 at the behest of William Wood, one of the first well-known psychiatrists.

The Priory Hospital Roehampton has been among the leaders of providing psychiatric care ever since then, the British equivalent to the Betty Ford centers in America. It has undergone refurbishments throughout the years, the latest being as recent as 2017.

Although the Priory Hospital began as a psychiatric hospital, it has expanded its services to include treatment for drug addiction, process addictions, and eating disorders. In 2010 the Priory Hospital opened a special wing to treat autistic spectrum disorders in young children.

The facility itself is an imposing, Gothic structure spread out over many acres. The treatment services are divided up into separate wings. The West Wing of the center houses Priory’s drug treatment program. The Garden Wing houses the mental health treatment program.

There is a total of 43 single-occupancy rooms for inpatient residents with all rooms having en-suite facilities. Men and women live in separate areas, but all patients at Roehampton mingle among themselves during therapy and free-time.

The size of the Roehampton hospital allows for patients to freely roam the landscaped gardens and feel automatically transported to another age. Merely taking in the majesty and grandeur of the building can occupy a person for hours on end.

There are fitness facilities on-site with a personal trainer available to help you create your fitness plan. Dining at Priory is also a more elegant affair than at most rehab facilities and meals can be catered to fit your dietary needs.

Finding The Best Plan

Being a hospital, the Priory does offer on-site detox facilities for those patients requiring such treatments. Detox is medically assisted and usually lasts for five days.

All treatment plans at Priory center around a patient’s clinical needs. Every patient collaborates in the creation of their treatment plant.

A full 28-day treatment programme can include – depending on whether you are in the West Wing for substance abuse or Garden Wing for mental health disorders – group and individual counseling.

Regular visits with a drug addiction counselor or psychiatrist also take up your daily treatment sessions. Family and group therapy and medical interventions with prescription drugs can also help patients in their recovery at the Priory.

More holistic treatments like animal-assisted and equine therapy are also on offer. For those patients suffering from dual diagnosis disorders, the Priory Hospital provides professional care from therapists trained in administering cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy as well as EMDR for patients who have post-traumatic stress disorder.

The Best for Last

Among the other inducements that the Priory offers its clients are the bookends of a free, no-obligation assessment before being admitted, and the free aftercare after you leave. Anyone wishing to receive outpatient treatments can visit the Priory’s outpatient clinic, the Priory Wellbeing Center Fenchurch Street, to continue receiving care.

The aftercare program, which is for life, includes continuous contact with your primary care therapist as well as psycho-educational classes that teach you coping and relapse prevention skills. Many notable luminaries have passed through Priory’s storied halls.

Everyone from Paul Robeson to Amy Winehouse has sought Priory’s comprehensive and thorough treatment schemes for addiction and mental health disorders. Although the Priory has weathered many setbacks throughout the years, from change in ownership to poor regulatory ratings, it remains one of the premier rehab centers in Great Britain.

Price per week at Priory Hospital: £2000-5,000/$13,700-$34,000 (as per most current exchange rage).

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