The Plymouth House Sober Living Treatment Center Rehab Review

  1. The Plymouth House Sober Living Review

For over 15 years, The Plymouth House in New Hampshire has been on the forefront of teaching and practicing the 12-step philosophy. This facility offers a safe and comfortable environment for recovery from addiction. As an extension of the Plymouth House treatment process, the Plymouth House Sober Living provides transitional living to clients who have successfully graduated from the Plymouth House. During their stay at Plymouth House Sober Living in Portland, residents complete steps eight through twelve (the first seven are completed at The Plymouth House).

The Plymouth House Sober Living: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

After completing The Plymouth House program, all residents are encouraged to take part in Sober Living program.

Sober Living provides a rigorous, practical program of aftercare in a highly structured environment. During 2 to 6 month period (length of the stay) clients are assigned a staff contact, who also acts as a sponsor and helps them complete the remaining steps (eight through twelve). Furthermore, the staff is ready to provide ample peer support.

During the first 30 days, all residents must be a part of daily scheduled groups, gain employment and do volunteer work for minimum of 20 hours a week at a local charity until they go to work. Group therapies focus on different issues – accountability, spirituality and life skills.

Clients also participate in workshops on resume building, interview preparation, and job-search skills. Daily 12-step meetings are obligatory. Additionally, clients must find a 12-step home group, get a service commitment, and perform written step work with staff. This step work implies writing a 10th step inventory, keeping it up-to-date, being of service and practicing prayer and meditation on a daily basis.

The staff members engaged in the recovery process, communicate with clients directly, continuously and honestly. Each client works with an individual staff contact person during the entire stay.

Facilities and Extras

Plymouth House Sober Living includes two gender-specific sober homes, which provide transitional care and a sober living home for men who have completed the transitional care phase – Congress House.

Glenwood Sober Care House is a Victorian house with a large wrap around porch, which accommodates 16 men. Women are settled in Walton Street Sober House, which also offers 16 beds. Clients in both of these houses enjoy spacious, double-occupancy rooms, which include dressers, closets, twin beds with headboards, as well as flat-screen TVs.

Each client takes care of his own groceries and meals. Clients may freely use a fully equipped kitchen with extra refrigerators and ample pantry space. A monthly community dinner is arranged for the clients to build mutual trust and friendship.

The residents of Walton House can enjoy yoga, visual arts workshops, and gardening. After completing the program(s) at Walton House, women are provided with sober living referrals. Men have the option to stay at Congress House or another sober living home, upon leaving Glenwood House. Length of stay at Congress House is between three and nine months, and residents have more independence and flexibility. Two live-in residential managers and staff participate in Congress House treatment.

Rules and Regulations

Clients of The Plymouth House must be aware of the strict rules and regulations the treatment implies. Residents must attend all house meetings, perform assigned household chores, and shower by 8:30 am. Any kind of romantic relationships is forbidden. Cell phones are not allowed until clients gain secure employment. Accessing social media is also on the list of forbidden activities.

The curfew is regularly conducted, without exception, seven days a week, at 10 pm. Random drug and alcohol screenings are also performed.

If a resident of Plymouth House Sober Living relapses, he/she must leave the premises immediately.

The Plymouth House Sober Living cost is $2.500 for 30 days. Insurance is not accepted because this way The Plymouth House policy is independent of following modalities that insurance pays for. Many families found the cost of treatment at Plymouth House to be less than that of insurance-covered programs after all the extra expenses factored in.


Being a non-traditional treatment facility, Plymouth House Sober Living picks up where the residential program ended and makes an integrated, well-structured and complete 12-step program. This is an ideal solution for those who wish to take an old-school approach to the 12 steps, and learn how to utilize them in their lives after recovery.

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