The Menninger Clinic Rehab Review: Treating All Manner of Crises

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The Menninger Clinic Review

The Menninger Clinic on Main Street, in Houston, Texas is the premier psychiatric hospital in the area. The Menninger Clinic offers vital psychiatric and substance abuse treatments to adolescents, adults and working professionals.

At the spacious Menninger Clinic, clients can also receive behavioral health treatments in either an inpatient or outpatient setting. The Menninger Clinic features many recreational and therapeutic facilities on its campus to help facilitate a more comprehensive approach to treatment.

A History of Excellence

The Menninger Clinic dates back to 1925. Two prominent mental health practitioners, brothers Karl and Will Menninger, founded the rehab center in Topeka, Kansas.

The Menningers were perhaps the most famous American psychiatrists at the time. They founded their clinic with the aim of providing medically-proven treatments for behavioral health ailments.  

While founded in Topeka, the Menninger Clinic relocated to Texas in 2003. The brothers had secured partnerships with the Baylor College of Medicine and the Methodist Hospital, which precipitated the move and to which the clinic continues to be affiliated with today.  

The Menninger Clinic now sits on nearly 50-acres of land and consists of nearly 120 beds that house men and women, as well as adolescents experiencing severe substance use and dual diagnosis disorders.

Having undergone renovations as recently as 2012, the Menninger Clinic offers first-class accommodations and living facilities to those enrolled in the inpatient residential programs for adolescents and adults.

Private accommodations are available at the Menninger Clinic, although spaces might not be available. Most inpatient residents share rooms. There is an onsite, indoor basketball court next to a well-equipped gym with all the latest exercise machines.

An outdoor, saltwater pool lets residents unwind during hot days. There is also a plethora of common areas with comfortable furniture and a chapel for residents to get some quiet time for themselves.

Hope for the Future

Treatment options at the Menninger Clinic oscillate between inpatient and outpatient formats. The inpatient program treats adolescents between the ages of 12-17 for addiction or dual diagnosis disorders. The Adolescent Treatment Program (ATP) features sixteen beds and offers stabilization services to transition teens to a different treatment setting.

The Compass program at the Menninger Clinic is especially directed toward young people 18-30 struggling with the transition to adulthood. These difficulties can include mood disorders, chemical dependencies, and self-harming behaviors.

Both programs for young people can last for anywhere between two to four weeks, although shorter and longer stays are possible. Treatment days for young people include several group therapy sessions, touching on cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies, as well as practicing meditation, 12-Step meetings, and physical fitness activities.

Adults entering the inpatient programs can expect more or less the same treatment options. Adults, upon arrival, meet with their treatment team for assessment and recovery planning.

Patients referred to the Hope Program for dual diagnosis treatment can expect a mixture of evidence-based therapies, holistic treatments, and more scientific methods. Taken along with individual psychotherapy sessions, patients receive cognitive behavioral therapy, relapse prevention instruction, and physical fitness regimens.

Patients also participate in a variety of creative, expressive therapies aimed at helping them articulate any past traumas or histories that trigger their addiction problems. Patients meet with nurses at least three times a day to see how they are doing.

Participants in the Professionals Program at the Menninger Clinic receive similar treatments, with an emphasis on relapse preventions, as well as life skills training. For all patients, whether adolescent or adult, medically assisted therapies, and even electroconvulsive therapy are all possible treatment options.

A Winding Path

The outpatient options at the Menninger Clinic are as comprehensive and integrated as the inpatient options. The Menninger Clinic offers outpatient services to members of the public as well as recent graduates from the inpatient program.

Outpatient services at the Menninger Clinic seek to help ease the transition to the outside world for those affected by mental illness. The Menninger Clinic offers sober living facilities, job-skills training and vocational training for those patients looking to learn new skills and who have struggled with a behavioral health condition like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

Outpatient treatments at the Menninger Clinic run five days a week, with day and evening sessions available. Treatments include family and marriage counseling, medication assistance for substance use disorders and psychological testing and evaluation.

The Menninger Clinic has a storied history. Founded by members of one of the United States most revered family of psychiatrists, the Menninger Clinic continues serving the community by offering cutting-edge, evidence-based treatment for severe psychiatric and substance use disorders.

The Menninger Clinic’s spacious and calming campus offers comfortable rooms, generous amenities and a professional staff of over 500 individuals from a variety of disciplines. Anyone willing to put in the time and effort to overcome their afflictions would be well-served by the Menninger Clinic.

Price for 45 days at the Menninger Clinic: $48,000

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