The Greenhouse Rehab Review: Luxury Rehab That Guarantees Result

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The Greenhouse Review

The Greenhouse Treatment Center, located in Grand Prairie, Texas offers comprehensive substance abuse treatment at its spacious, spa-like facility. In fact, the facility started life as a spa, and its history still shows in the building’s current iteration as a drug rehab. Stately water fountains and carefully manicured lawns and hedgerows greet you upon your arrival at the Greenhouse.

Luxuriating in Care

The Greenhouse Treatment Center is an American Addiction Centers facility, so it promises a free additional 30 days of inpatient rehab should you relapse after undergoing the 90-day inpatient treatment. Apart from that brand promise, the Greenhouse offers very few, if no, variations from the standard stages of substance abuse treatment.

There is a detox facility on-site should you need it. The inpatient program can accommodate up to 130 people, and residents share one spacious room with two beds to a room. Gourmet meals are served in a luxurious, grand dining room, and are prepared by an experienced chef. There are spa treatments available to residents and 24-hour housekeeping services as well.

Residents can avail themselves of the outdoor or indoor pool. Aside from the indoor and outdoor pools there are also a bevy of other recreational activities in which residents can participate. Except there does not seem to be any kind of therapeutic value attached to them.

In fact, judging by the various testimonials of former residents at the Greenhouse, the service amenities are what stand out most in people’s minds, rather than the treatments themselves. Although there are mentions of how caring and empathetic the staff are during inpatient stays.

Embracing Life

After the detox period has finished, which usually lasts between 3 to 7 days, you work in conjunction with your case manager to create your specialized treatment plan. The medical and psychological assessments screen for any underlying mental health problems or other co-occurring disorders. Treatment schemes usually involve group therapies where different treatment strains are applied.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most common treatment modality used in both group and individual therapies. 12 Step meetings take place at the Greenhouse as well. The Greenhouse offers an introductory course so you can familiarize yourself with the 12 Step philosophy if you are unfamiliar with the fellowship.

Residents who are showing indifference to their treatment can be subjected to a technique known as motivational interviewing. This method sees a client asked tough questions about their history and their personalities to establish goals for their recovery. There are also expressive arts therapy classes and other therapy groups focused on your overall health and wellness.

Getting on the Green

Clients who complete the 90-day treatment are then offered a place in partial hospitalization to further strengthen their skills in avoiding relapses and on how best to reintegrate back into normal society. Further along, a patient can find themselves only needing an outpatient program.

Both the partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient program require about 3-7 days of attendance with actual therapy treatments lasting 3 hours. During the outpatient period, the skills and tools you learned as an inpatient aid in your reintegration back into normal life.

The Greenhouse also offers strictly outpatient services in the Dallas area that combines a variety of treatments, including comprehensive aftercare plans that are structured around your work and family life. You can also receive psycho-social education classes.

The Greenhouse does not seem to be a rehab for those who are looking to get serious help. The luxurious trappings and 24 hour room service might entice one to relapse solely for the free accommodations that come promised from such an outcome. A drug rehab center that welcomes your repeat business should be a rehab to be avoided.

Price for 30 days at The Greenhouse: $26,500

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