The Fellowship House Rehab Review: Many Programs to Heal Addiction

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The Fellowship House seeks to provide rehab services to those with addiction and mental health disorders. The Fellowship House services the community of Birmingham, Alabama.

It serves men and women in gender-specific programs, and it allows families to stay together during a family member’s visit, which is an essential part of their family program. The Fellowship House also strives to heal the spirit of those affected by addiction and works hard to spread the word about its programs and its successes so it can treat as many people as it can.

Different Levels of Intensity

The Fellowship House dates back to 1965. It was started with the participation of the United Way, private donors as well as with assistance from the Alabama Department of Health.

The Fellowship House rates their clients on the level of intensive care they need. There are no detox facilities at the Fellowship House, but a pretreatment counselor can arrange for such treatment should a patient require it.

Most stays at Fellowship House begin at the pretreatment phase. Assessments are made of incoming clients to determine the best level of intensive care that they should receive. Potential clients fill out an admissions form and submit all necessary paperwork to their counselor.

A one-time entrance fee of $35 is paid upfront. A sliding scale is used to determine any other costs associated with your stay. Clients with dual diagnosis disorders must disclose such conditions to be able to receive any required treatments or medications.

The medium intensity residential program offers its residents the chance to receive treatment in an organized and structured environment, which is crucial to their successful recovery. Treatment options revolve around abstinence-based programs like 12 Step meetings.

Clinical case managers work together with their patients to create a suitable, personalized treatment plan based on the patient’s strength and weaknesses. Individual and group counseling sessions are where most treatment programs begin.

In some cases, mostly in cases of dual diagnosis, more scientifically proven modalities like dialectical behavioral therapy and even medication assisted treatment can be applied. Patients receive constant monitoring to ensure that they are responding well to treatment or to make any necessary changes to their plans.

Stepping Down

The family program and the low intensity residential program, which is a sober living program, are other treatment programs available at the Fellowship House. Both of these program aim to help clients return back to normal life.

The family program focuses on bringing families together through a variety of methods. Family members can count on receiving support and referral services for any member of their family who has addiction or mental health problems.

Bringing families closer together after going through the stress of recovery is also an aim of the family program. Family events and outings help achieve this goal.

Residents at the sober living apartments receive social supports and help to find and keep gainful employment once they have completed the residential program. Older residents act as mentors for newer residents as well as sharing the responsibilities of upkeep for their apartment.

The Fellowship House is a program with a specific purpose. It wants to keep people together, heal them of their afflictions and then get them ready to rejoin society in a useful and productive way.

The indefinite duration of the program lets people know that they can stay for as long as they need to and don’t need to worry about financial strains or concerns. The Fellowship House lives up to the promise of one of its founding partners, in that they will do everything they can to help you find the way.

Price for stays at Fellowship House, Inc. are based on a sliding scale.

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