The Evolution Group Rehab Review: Shining a Light on Addiction

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The Evolution Group Inc. is a for-profit counseling group in Albuquerque, New Mexico that utilizes the values of honesty, integrity, and authenticity as the basis for its treatment schemes. The Evolution Group services men, women, as well as families and couples who are suffering from various addiction to substances or different processes, like gambling and sex addiction.

Following the Lantern

Therapists and counselors at the Evolution Group are known as “lantern holders” as they are the ones holding the light. Lantern holders illuminate the path that their clients must follow to achieve wellness and sobriety.

The Evolution Group started in 1998 as a strictly holistic treatment center for people suffering from a wide variety of substance abuse and mental health disorders. The Evolution Group views these disorders as a result of a lack of balance in the wholeness of a person.

Whether it is due to a lack of emotional understanding or outside stresses that dealt with negatively, this balance or “wholeness” of a person is what the Evolution Group aims to restore.

The Evolution Group campus has five different 19th-century buildings that invite a client to reflect on the history and past lives that surround them in this tranquil setting. The open spaces and courtyards are also designed to provoke reflection and introspection in clients as they pass by or sit for a few quiet moments.

The Evolution Group is proud to welcome a wide variety of diverse peoples to its treatment centers. It takes into account a person’s gender, ethnic or religious background, as well as sexual orientation when devising individualized treatment plans.

There is no inpatient program at Evolution Group. All services are rendered through various outpatient levels that see clients moving from intensive outpatient programs to a less structured track. There are also no detox facilities on-site at Evolution Group.

Restoring Wholeness

All incoming outpatients receive assessments on which treatments would be best suited for their particular disorder. Since Evolution Group services a broad range of problems, they employ a variety of different options to treat this conditions.

Evolution Group offers a specialized treatment track, Integrity Recovery, that was developed in-house by their staff. Integrity Recovery is the most intensive treatment program Evolution Group has to offer.

It functions as an intensive outpatient program for depression or substance abuse or even gambling addiction. The duration of the Integrity Recovery outpatient counseling, depending on the condition treated is 6 to 12 weeks.

Clients attend therapy sessions that may include group and family therapy sessions. 12 Step meetings also play a part in developing long-lasting coping and recovery strategies. Clients attend sessions throughout the day and must keep a record of their progress in their Integrity Recovery wellness book.

The farthest that Evolution Group gets in providing science-based medical treatment comes from their treatment options for mood disorders like depression and anxiety. Their Mood Disorders clinic has an on-site physician that may prescribe various mood altering medications as well as Suboxone that will help control opioid cravings.

Getting It

The Evolution Group practices a holistic approach to dealing with a variety of mental health and substance abuse disorders. It leans further toward treating the underlying emotional and psychic trauma that may have driven a person to use and abuse substances or processes, like gambling.

The Evolution Group strives to make a person feel accepted and understood again, not simply by receiving treatment and counseling but by letting them explore the different places inside of them that need to be uncovered and exposed once more to the light.

Price for a 1 year program at The Evolution Group Cost is based on a sliding scale.

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