The Eagleville Hospital Rehab Review: A Legacy of Addiction Treatment

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The Eagleville Hospital Review

The Eagleville Hospital is a rehab center that has evolved while staying the same. The Eagleville Hospital dates back to the turn of the last century.

Even then, people understood that some patients afflicted by a condition with a great deal of stigma attached to it needed a place of their own to receive treatment.

Eagleville Hospital continues this tradition of treating vulnerable and indigent populations with the treatments it provides for addiction and mental health disorders.

An Honorable Tradition

In 1909 a group of philanthropists started a hospital to treat the scourge of those times: tuberculosis. Eagleville Hospital continues to demonstrate its commitment to treating those individuals who have been passed over by society.

The Eagleville Hospital grew over the years to become a facility that can now accommodate over 300 patients at any one time. It has evidence-based therapies to treat addiction and co-occurring disorders in a broad segment of the surrounding population.

The Eagleville Hospital, located in Eagleville, Pennsylvania, on Eagleville Road, a quiet, winding country road, almost soars above the flat, farmland that surrounds it. The structure itself is imposing.

Despite its stated mission to heal and treat, the hospital betrays its history as a former sanitorium. The Eagleville Hospital cannot help but be intimidating given its size and architecture.

The hospital covers almost 40-acres and is distinctly clinical in every way. The number of beds that it offers is only something that a hospital would have the capacity to hold.

Serving the Underserved

Treatment stays at The Eagleville Hospital can last for anywhere from 30 to 90-days. All incoming patients are given medical assessments to ensure the best level of care.

Patients go through a multi-tiered approach when they enter Eagleville. Patients who require detox can undergo withdrawal onsite, and they are regularly monitored to ensure they are physically and mentally sound. Eagleville recently started administering medication to ease patients off of addictive substances.

Detox can last for as long as it is needed. One beneficial aspect of Eagleville Hospital’s treatment program is that it not only offers patients treatment for their substance abuse and behavioral health problems but also treats any chronic medical conditions they might have.

Some of the medical conditions Eagleville treats include chronic pain, diabetes, and hypertension, to name just a few. After detox, patients transition to the residential rehabilitation program.

Again, length of stays in residential rehab depends on the severity of a patient’s addiction or co-occurring disorder. Some rehab programs at Eagleville are short-term and require only a few weeks of treatment. For those patients who require longer stays, treatment options vary.

On-hand for those long-term inpatient stays are addiction education classes, 12-Step meetings as well as more holistic treatments like animal-assisted therapy and yoga and meditation. Life skills training and educational programs also help patients focus on life after rehab to ensure that they are ready to reintegrate back into normal life without abusing substances.

Reaching Out

Given its history, the Eagleville Hospital has made significant inroads to help treat addiction and mental health conditions in and around Montgomery County. The hospital created treatment facilities in nearby Norristown to make addiction treatment services more accessible to the public.

It runs a halfway house and offers treatment to incarcerated individuals at Graterford prison. The hospital also began educational programs for youth dealing with substance abuse education as an alternative to jail.

The hospital also recently heralded the opening of Acadia House, which is a specialized wing to treat opioid dependency in young men. The opening of Acadia House, as well as the long-standing psychiatric and chemical dependency programs for adults over 50, are just some of the ways that Eagleville Hospital has continued to serve people who need help the most.

Cost for 30 days at Eagleville Hospital: $14,000

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