The Center for Success and Independence Rehab Review: Teens First

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Many rehabs distinguish themselves by the fact that they were the first of their kind to fill a particular need, The Center for Success and Independence (TCSI) is just such a place. From the name alone, you would not believe that TCSI is an adolescent drug and mental health treatment facility, but it was one of the first such centers to open in Texas.

A Step Forward

TCSI started in 1999 as the brainchild of a trio of dedicated healthcare professionals who saw the need to have a local program for young people with addiction and mental health issues.

Previously, adolescents would have to seek treatment out of state for dual diagnosis disorders. This situation proved to be detrimental since the move disrupted their home life and made it difficult for their families to be involved in their treatment.

TCSI changed all that. TCSI’s focus on treating teens for not only substance abuse problems but emotional and behavioral health conditions are what ultimately made it a pioneer in treating both.

TCSI has an inpatient residential program, along with extensive outpatient services. Being located in the greater Houston area means that TCSI has many partnerships with other healthcare, social and educational agencies to provide a greater continuum of care to its patients.

The TCSI facility is a two-story, repurposed building that stands out from its drab, industrial surroundings. The three-roofed building is painted in pleasing, light-hearted colors and is fenced off from the street.

The inpatient program at TCSI can house up to 44 teenagers in gender-specific accommodations. Staff at TCSI monitor their residents 24/7.

Apart from that, there is not much else to be said about the interiors of the building. It seems that TCSI has put more effort and focus into its treatment options than boasting about the comfort level of their accommodations, which bodes well for any teen entering their program.

All Under One Roof

Most residential stays at TCSI last for anywhere between 3-6 months, or depending on a client’s specific needs. Despite their myriad options of care, TCSI does not have any onsite detox facilities. Although it is safe to assume that TCSI would stand ready to refer patients to any one of their numerous health care services partners.

Inpatient residents undergo almost 20 hours of therapy a week. Treatment options revolve mostly around cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies given these are the professional specialties of the founders of TCSI.

Residents benefit from the highly trained and multi-disciplined staff who make up the treatment team at TCSI. All therapists are carefully vetted and experienced in specifically treating adolescents and their unique problems.

During a typical inpatient stay, there is as much learning going on as treatment. Teens begin to uncover the underlying factors that triggered their addiction problems. Patients learn new coping mechanisms and anger management skills that they practice while in treatment.

Family members also play a pivotal role in treatment. Family sessions take place three hours a week. Family members work closely with your treatment team to gauge your progress and ultimately decide which treatment options are working best for you.

Education is also a significant feature of TCSI. The Center’s various affiliations help teens further their education with daily classes, a GED program or by helping them find employment or vocational opportunities.

Treating the Community

It is amazing that a medium-sized facility like TCSI can offer so much to troubled youth under one roof. In addition to their substance abuse and behavioral health treatments, TCSI also provides treatment services, through their partnership with the Montrose Center, for sex trafficking victims.

The RAP (Recreation Alternative Program) is a treatment program for young people with substance abuse problems who have been ordered to seek treatment by the juvenile court. The program does not only seek to serve these teens as mandated by the court.

The RAP program also acts a kind of social intervention in the lives of these young people. With help from local partners, the RAP program seeks to address issues of poverty and lack of resources to help prevent any future relapses or run-ins with the law.

All of this, coupled with TCSI’s intensive outpatient program that runs a total of 12 weeks and offers therapy sessions that touch on subjects like addictive behaviors and family therapy, make TCSI one of the most fully-integrated centers for the treatment of addiction and mental health disorders in young people.

Price for 30-days at The Center for Success and Independence: $10,500

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