Talbott Recovery Treatment Center Rehab Review: Recovery for Everyone

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Talbott Recovery proudly carries the name of Doctor Douglas Talbott, a pioneering figure in educating physicians on substance abuse and addiction, and moreover, in structuring treatment programs for addicted medical professionals. With this background, Dr. Talbott opened the Talbott Recovery Campus in 1989 and established it as a model for all future treatments for physicians, nurses, dentists, and veterinarians. Soon after, the doctor modified procedures at Talbott and expanded its services to others regardless of their occupations, including adolescents and young adults. Nowadays, with the headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, Talbott Recovery provides comprehensive behavioral services to patients, families, and communities to improve both their professional and personal lives.

Talbott Recovery: Programs, Treatments, and Staff

Following the initial idea of Dr. Talbott, the center bases its programs both on profession and age of the clients. By doing so, Talbott Recovery fosters the inclusion and strives to provide services to everyone in need. As of treatments and their levels, the center offers all of its programs at detoxification and stabilization, partial hospitalization, and outpatient level of care. Alcohol and drug abuse and addiction programs that Talbott Recovery offers are:

Licensed professionals program

Through this program, Talbott treats a broad range of professionals whose addiction prevents them from pursuing their careers. According to patients coming from the USA, Canada, and Europe, Talbott’s professional’s program is one of the most renowned programs of its kind world-widely. Licensed professionals program treats physicians and their assistants, nurses, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists, therapists, psychologists, pilots, attorneys, and business executives.

Young adults program

Young Adults Substance Abuse Treatment Program provides treatments for youth addicted to drugs, alcohol, or other types of substances. Through this program, Talbott Recovery doesn’t address only medical and physical issues, but it also accentuates psychological, psychiatric, and spiritual problems related to addiction. Moreover, as reaching sobriety for addicted young adults is significantly harder than for adults, the center explicitly bases its treatment on this stance. If some patients are at higher risk where substance abuse completely alters their lives, Talbott Recovery offers a High-risk Young Adult Rehab.

Program for adults

With Adult Addiction Recovery Program, Talbott Recovery helps adults affected by addiction disorders. The central principle of the program is to provide holistic treatment that will heal mind, body, and soul of each patient in an intensive outpatient setting. The program offers off-campus recovery residencies, family therapy, gender-specific treatments, group therapy, LGBTQ groups, library access, chapel, spirituality group, and volunteer opportunities.

Facilities and Extras

Talbott Recovery conducts its treatments throughout three different locations: Atlanta, Columbus, and Dunwoody. In Columbus and Dunwoody, Talbott provides the outpatient services as well as young adults program. On the other hand, the Atlanta facility serves as the main campus of Talbott Recovery, which means that most of the programs including detox and partial hospitalization the center provides here. The main campus anchors itself in the peaceful suburbs of Atlanta, close to the airport. Dunwoody site is just off the city’s limit, while Columbus is 90 minutes of Atlanta, in natural settings by a small lake and hills.

Rules and Regulations at Talbott Recovery

Upon the admission, Talbott Recovery will assign the intake specialist to each client who will determine necessary treatments and additional services. The cost of Talbott’s services is not set up in advance, as it vastly depends on the particular diagnosis, the length of stay, continuing care, the accommodation and the location of the treatment. When it comes to items, Talbott Recovery advises patients to bring essentials only – casual clothes, alcohol-free toiletries, ID card, prescribed medications, and insurance card. Optionally, patients can bring workout clothes, favorite bedding, family photos, reading and writing materials, bathing suit, and musical instruments. Everything besides mentioned is prohibited.


Being one of the most renowned treatment centers nationally, Talbott Recovery adequately justifies the name of its founder. Whether professionals or youngsters, all patients can reach sobriety at Talbott Recovery and return to their ambitions and communities sober.

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