Sunrise House Rehab Review: Sobriety Guaranteed

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Sunrise House Review

The Sunrise House in Lafayette, New Jersey is so sure of its programs’ effectiveness that it guarantees that you will stay sober after you have completed its 90-day inpatient program. If, once you have completed the requisite 90-days and you experience a relapse, Sunrise House will step in to provide you another 30-day stay completely free of charge.

The Sun Never Sets

The Sunrise House guarantee should not dissuade you into believing that they are profit-driven or don’t take substance abuse treatment seriously. However, there is not much that distinguishes it from other standard recovery programs.

The Sunrise House is located in what appears to be a former religious school, with its towering, cross-covered central tower looking down on the rest of the exposed brick architecture. There is ample space across the campus to hold outdoor therapy sessions and to take long walks in the large wooded areas around the facility.

Sunrise House takes up almost twenty-two acres in Sussex County and has a rooming capacity of 110 beds. Residents live two to a room and have available to them fitness facilities and meals specially tailored by an on-site registered dietitian.

Sunrise House makes special treatment plans for each of its clients. As addiction manifests itself in different ways in every individual, Sunrise House takes into account each of these distinct factors and builds a plan around them.

A Place in the Sun

Sunrise House offers a standard treatment track for its resident inpatient program as well its outpatient patients. Sunrise House has detox facilities on-site, with stays lasting between 5-7 days. Medical professionals are always on hand to monitor your body’s reactions to withdrawal. Your detox stay helps prepare you both physically and mentally for the duration of the inpatient period.

Once you have fully recovered from withdrawal, the multidisciplinary staff can determine what treatment scheme would suit you the best. The two main pillars of its treatment modalities at Sunrise House include motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy. Motivational interviewing is a technique used to reach and motivate reticent patients, who may not yet be ready to participate in their recovery.

Both motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy are supplemented by 12 Step meetings, recreational and wellness treatments as well as addiction and mental health education classes. Inpatient residents are kept busy throughout the day with medical and support staff making sure that they are attending all required classes and therapy sessions.

After Sunset

Patients in the intensive outpatient program take motivation from their desire to live a substance free life and get back to their regular routines of work and family. With these goals in mind, Sunset House offers flexible hours that allow a patient to attend three-hour block sessions at their facility from 3-7 days a week. This intensive outpatient program allows for patients to learn skills on relapse prevention, as well as help them develop the resources and contacts that will assist with their aftercare planning.

Regular outpatient programs are less structured and are available two days a week. After an initial entry assessment, patients can make use of individual or family counseling as well as treatment for a co-occurring diagnosis, should those treatments be necessary.

Sunrise House has gained a reputation as an effective drug treatment center with compassionate, professional and above all, caring staff. Their facilities and extra-curricular amenities are not of the five-star variety, but the help and treatment you will receive more than make up for it.

Price for 28 days at Sunrise House: $14,000

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