Sundown Ranch, Inc. Rehab Review — One Sundown at a Time

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Sundown Ranch, Inc Review

Sundown Ranch, Inc. facilities are settled on a picturesque working ranch with over 450 acres in East Texas—70 miles east of Dallas, Texas. The therapeutic living areas are in an old Western town setting and provide a serene, pleasant, safe, and healthy environment.

Sundown Ranch offers individualized plans to begin the recovery process. Their comprehensive inpatient and outpatient programs treat alcoholism, drug addiction, dual-diagnosis, and psychiatric disorders.

Sundown Ranch, Inc. Treatment, Programs, and Staff

Sundown Ranch views chemical dependency as a treatable disease. They offer all levels of care from detox to aftercare planning and an academic program to address the varying needs of each person recovering from an addiction. Additional programs include: grief recovery, self-injury, sexual abuse or trauma, and sexual addiction.

What Counseling Services are Available with Sundown Ranch?

Their 12-step program based on Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous is combined with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, to empower clients to live free of drugs and alcohol dependency. Clients receive extensive therapy based on their personal needs. Counselor-led group and family therapy sessions allow the adolescents and young adults to discuss common issues.

What is the Master Treatment Plan?

Because each client has unique needs, the Master Treatment Plan is tailored to each person and is reviewed routinely by licensed counselors throughout the client’s stay. The document will change, as needed, based on the client’s progress, goals, objectives, and strategies. The client, family, and clinicians work together to create a plan for recovery and to maintain recovery.

How is the Client’s Family Involved in the Therapy at Sundown Ranch?

A primary focus at Sundown Ranch includes counseling and education for the client and family—the time spent together allows the client and family to share and learn about the rehabilitation process in a structured and safe environment. The Intensive Family Program is held on the weekend with activities to build relationships, rebuild bridges, and enhance communication.

Sundown Ranch, Inc. Facilities and Extras

Medically Supervised

All treatment services conducted throughout the facility at Sundown Ranch are medically supervised. The psychiatrist and medical director oversee the health and psychiatric services provided for the clients. A history and physical is completed for all clients undergoing therapy.

Nearby Emergency Facility

Emergency and hospital services are provided by East Texas Medical Center in Athens, Texas. Also, there is on-call physician coverage 24 hours a day. Health conditions are addressed in treatment planning and include referrals for additional services as needed.

Nutritional Services

A well-balanced meal is a staple to addiction recovery. Sundown Ranch prepares meals out of their country kitchen with particular attention to the nutritional needs of each and every client. The food service manager, dietitian, and dietary staff result in a variety of home cooked menu items with a salad bar. Menus are rotated in four-week cycles.

Academic and Recreational Services

Sundown offers an accredited academic program by their on-site charter school at the junior high and high school levels.

The wilderness trail around the facilities lake allows for private reflection and group discussions. The “Ropes” course is a Therapeutic Outdoor Experiential Challenge Program, which places clients in physically and emotionally demanding situations where skills of cooperation, trust, problem-solving, and goal-setting are developed. Sundown Ranch also has an Equine Program to instill discipline, self-respect, and responsibility. Other supervised activities include basketball, volleyball, fishing, camping, and arts and crafts.

Rules and Regulations in Sundown Ranch, Inc.

Rules for Acceptance

Criteria for Non-Acceptance and Referral

Actively suicidal or homicidal.

Sundown Ranch commonly addresses other issues that can potentially coincide with chemical dependency and substance abuse. These include:

  • Academic difficulties
  • Communication
  • Lack of respect for others
  • Running away
  • Lying
  • Rejection or rules or authority
  • Lack of emotional bonding
  • Low self-esteem
  • Difficulties in regulation of mood
  • Poor decision making
  • Inappropriate peer relationships
  • Disruption of healthy family functioning

Sundown Ranch, Inc. Review Summary and Main Complaints

Sundown Ranch is like a sober summer camp because of its restorative location surrounded by trees, rolling hills, and lakes. The treatment facilities and residences on the working ranch resemble an old Western movie set.

Mixed reviews are found online. Google+ reviews are below average and reviews are concerned with the way staff treat the clients. Facebook and the Yellow Pages reviews are mostly positive regarding the expertise, facility, and the professionalism.

Sundown Ranch, Inc. In the News

Channel 8 News Video

Sundown Ranch, Inc. Social Media Profiles and Addresses of Locations

Comments 4

  • I must say that I was a young teen involved in this program at one time. I do believe that it is a good program. I have been provided enough to attend Alumni Day a couple times since then. Over the last 15 or 16 years. I have been pretty successful at staying off of drugs and out of trouble. I do have to admit. I have had a couple slip ups from time to time. I have gotten in trouble a time or two. But for the most part I have been doing pretty good. May the good Lord Bless you and all of you. Thank you for being a part of my life. Y’all are awesome. I thank you all at Sundown Ranch in Canton Texas. Thank all of you all on The Dude Ranch and at Sundown. May The Good Lord Bless all of you all. I hope to be able to get a job there at Sundown Ranch Inc. One day soon. May The Good Lord Bless you all. Have a good day.

    • Oh yeah. I forgot to mention. I was on Team #5. Our color was Green. I believe my Counselors we Mr. Micheal and Mrs. Terry. They were great. My favoritism part of the whole program was The Ropes Course. The ones with The Todeum Poles. Lol! We thank y’all. Have a very Blessed Day. Hopefully mine will be the same. Oh yeah! And I just got Married Recently for the First time to a Man named John Amos Johnson the 4th. So if you see him or find him please let me know. Lol. Thank you very much. All Smiles!

      • Oh yeah. Sorry this place was so wonderful that I have so much to say about it. I also had an amazing Math Teacher that really helped me by The name of Mrs. Sarah. She spent hours with me. Helping me with my Math. I am very thankful for that. I think that I did drugs so much so bad that I had permently Fried my brain for life. But she worked with me. And slowly but surely my brain came back. Then I had a really good Reading Teacher by the name of Mrs. Vickie. She was wonderful. She encouraged me to Read books of all sorts. The thing is I hated the read anything. And I mean anything at all. I remember Reading Of Mice and Men. And some book about the Govnorment. And the big Government breaking down into very small parties and then grouping up in threes and there being certain people assigned certain jobs and they only seen black and white. Then one day a little boy seen the color red. Well since he seen color he was ban from the Community. He was kicked out. Is that the same as being Outlawed? Just wondering. Anyways. I know that I read a few more good books by the time that I left. So. Thank y’all for helping me thru School because I was a lost loser that everyone had put aside and forgotten about and left behind in ruins because of there greed. History repeats its self. Well hello world. Once again. I have overcome your mistakes not even my own. When I can get to my own I will. Until then I will be fighting this old Devil again. You all have a Blessed Day. The Devil is Out. And he is real. And we have to withstand the wholes of the Devil once again. And it is not an easy task. It is a very hard task and a very heavy load on one little old person especially again and again and again. I am young but feel so dang old. I hope the good Lord sets me free for real one Day and one day soon.

  • My daughter has been in and out of hospitals/rehab for the last 5 years, and this is the first place that saw through her “fake it to make it” bs and really worked on why she is so unhappy.

    I can’t tell you the difference I have seen in my daughter! They really help the “whole” self and push the kids to go past their walls.

    The counselors are the best I have ever encountered. They can really tell who is BSing or not, and help them feel safe in telling what is really in their mind without felling like they are going to be judged.

    The ROPES program they have also is great for kids that do not have any confidence or trust anyone. My daughter started off slowly, but is now really working on her trust issues due to ROPES and the counselors follow up after ROPES.

    The parent weekends once a month are in my mind essential to helping the parents learn more about the diseases of addiction/psych problems, and trying to see it through your child’s eyes. As a parent, you don’t understand why your child just can’t do the “right” thing. You have tried may different places, but always get the same result. You child is “good” for two to three weeks, but then reverts back to their “old” behavior. SR really works on helping the parent’s have the tools to help your family live once your child comes home, instead of repeating the same habits from both of you that you have done over and over in the past that do not work.

    They also give you worksheets for you and your child to help change how you deal with your kids at home. You have to listen to how your child feels about a situation.

    Reflective Listening or Mirroring is VERY helpful. I am copying this from the document I got from SR that has been so helpful to me in trying to understand my daughter and our communication problems. We have both been using this formula, and it really helps in communication with your child instead of just getting upset and then repeating the same old patterns of being pissed because they do not do what you think they should do and yelling at them out of complete exasperation.

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