Straight and Narrow Rehab Review: A Better Path to Follow

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Straight and Narrow Rehab Review: Over 50 Years of Service

Straight and Narrow started as a rehab program for alcoholic men in Paterson, New Jersey in 1954. Since those auspicious beginnings, Straight and Narrow has expanded its scope and mission correspondent with the times that it has lived through.

It has steadily added residential programs for men, women, and adolescents for a wide variety of substance abuse problems. Straight and Narrow has opened sober living facilities, stand-alone childcare centers and housing for people who have AIDS.

The Path to Virtue

Straight and Narrow can be excused for having a title a little on the antiquated side since it came from an accident of urban planning. Straight and Narrow was formerly known as the Mount Carmel Guild and located on Straight street.

When the cross street of the facility where it is located was changed to Narrow, placing it literally at the intersection of Straight and Narrow, it only made sense to change the name. Currently, Straight and Narrow offers inpatient and outpatient treatment for both men and women, with differing length of stays for each.

There is also an adolescent inpatient program for teens between the ages of 12 and 17. A separate location, also located on Straight street, offers medically supervised detox. The Monsignor Wall treatment center offers medication-assisted therapy for those suffering from opioid addiction.

In all, Straight and Narrow has over seven different facilities from Paterson to Paramus. Residential programs for men and women and adolescents offer dorm-like living facilities with all basic living needs met. Both the men and women’s program offer short and long-term stays.

The women’s program runs three separate treatment tracks with varying lengths of stay, Alpha I, Alpha II and Alpha III. Alpha I is the longest in duration with women staying in residence for over six months. Pregnant women can receive care for them and their babies once they are born.

Women undergoing detox can also receive treatment while they are going through withdrawal. Alpha III offers a program dedicated to women with substance use disorders and children who need to be housed with their mothers as they undergo treatment.

Walls Coming Down

Incoming patients to any of Straight and Narrow’s extensive services first go through to the admissions department to receive assessments that determine their eligibility for their programs. Patients do not need insurance to enter the program, and those individuals unable to pay can qualify for other sources of funding.  

Men entering the program also receive care with different levels of intensity and length. The short-term and long-term program, however, offer similar treatment options with men attending individual and group therapy sessions and treatment for any co-occurring disorders should they need it.

Inpatient residents can also make use of the wide swath of social supports that Straight and Narrow facilities for its clients. Women can get help applying for benefits and men can get help with vocational training as well as get connected to outside recovery services, like 12-Step meetings.

Straight and Narrow also offers recovery residences and outpatient treatments to anyone stepping-down from residential treatment or members of the public looking for substance abuse treatment. A 50-bed residential halfway home, the O’Connor Hall house, recently opened to help men exiting the criminal justice system reintegrate back into society.

Men continue receiving addiction treatment while taking on responsibilities at the house. The graduated system at the halfway house encourages men to achieve goals like securing employment so they can eventually be released back into the community.

The outpatient format allows for two forms of treatment, one less intense than the other. Anyone can apply for an assessment and then attend treatment sessions that run from one day a week to three days a week. Treatment involves group and individual sessions, drug, and alcohol education as well as relapse prevention classes.

Straight and Narrow also provides community care services such as daycare centers, housing for people living with AIDS, and community centers that provide after school and educational services for the entire family.

Straight and Narrow comes from a place of true love and compassion. It has gone through almost 50 years of tumult by adapting its services and mission to face new challenges.

Straight and Narrow, despite being a Catholic social service agency faced the AIDS epidemic head-on by providing housing and treatment to infected individuals as early as 1982. It opened residential inpatient programs for pregnant women and women with children and also provided reintegration services to the recently incarcerated.

It is not only the breadth of programs and services that are truly astonishing but also the types of evidence-based, holistic treatments that Straight and Narrow have utilized to treat addiction instead of simply prescribing abstinence-only remedies. Straight and Narrow wholeheartedly seeks to help those in need and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Prices for Straight and Narrow based on a sliding scale.

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