Starlite Recovery Center Rehab Review: Diverse Treatment in Service of Recovery

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Starlite Recovery Center Review

Starlite Recovery Center was founded 60 years ago in Texas Hill County. Since then, the center provides care and support for men and women struggling with substance abuse issues.

Inpatient facility for adults has the capacity to accommodate 99 clients. Rooms are gender-specific and have their own private bathroom. The cafeteria is styled as a 1950’s diner. All meals are diverse and prepared by a private chef. Special menus for vegans and vegetarians are also available.

The primary philosophy of the center is that the addiction is a chronic disease that requires treatment of the entire person, their mind, body, and spirit.

Starlite Recovery Center: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

In Starlite Recovery Center there are five different treatment programs:

  1.       Adult program
  2.       Young adult male program
  3.       The Journey: Christian Program
  4.       Family Program
  5.       The Freedom: Program for LGBTQIA

Adult program includes individual and group therapy, as well as family counseling.

The first step towards recovery in the Starlite Recovery Center is medically supervised detox. Highly professional staff makes sure that discomfort due to withdrawal symptoms is minimal. Nurses provide around the clock care, while doctor visitations are daily. After the detox phase is completed, residents can start with counseling sessions and group therapy. Also, the center provides holistic services such as acupuncture, massage, yoga classes, meditation, 12-step meetings, ropes course, stone wall, zip line, and equine therapy.

Young Adult Male Addiction Recovery Program, also known as Neoteric Program is focused on providing a continuum of care for young men dealing with substance abuse issues. The duration of this program is 45 days, and its goal is to help the client overcome barriers, discover underlying problems, and maintain sobriety.

The Freedom: Program for LGBTQIA addresses the complex issue of addiction amongst this population. The program includes group meetings, peer support in the community, and 12-step meetings.

The Journey: Christian Program is designed for patients who want a religion-based approach in the recovery process. Group meetings combine Christian beliefs and evidence-based approach. Other services within the program include:

  •         Bible study
  •         Daily journaling
  •         Meetings with chaplains
  •         12-step meetings
  •         Celebrate recovery meetings

Starlite Recovery Center provides a 2-day family program that includes educational sessions regarding addiction, group therapy, and skill-building. The staff strongly encourages family members to take an active participation in the recovery process of their loved-one. Some of the subjects of the family program are family system and addiction, codependency, enabling, boundaries, neurobiology and addiction, communication, fears, express of emotions, setting goals, financial problems, employment and education, and living arrangements.

The staff of the center includes behavioral health director, medical director, director of nursing, program coordinator, case managers, therapists, physician, alumni coordinator, and equine therapist.

Facilities and Extras

Clients of the Starlite Recovery Center can enjoy a swimming pool, fitness room, a patio, miniature golf, hiking trails, and wilderness outings. Also, the certified trainer is available on-site.

For those in need, the intensive outpatient program is also available. It includes weekly group therapy, 12-step meetings, and working with sponsors.

Rules and Regulations in Starlite Recovery Center

Cell phones are not allowed in the Starlite Recovery Center, and pay phone use is limited.

Admission staff is available every work day until 7pm and until 5pm on weekends. However, even an after-hours admission is possible.

The center accepts most major insurances and private pay, but this facility is not a provider of Medicare and Medicaid. The average cost of a 30-day stay is $21,000.


Starlite Recovery Center provides inpatient, outpatient, and family support services for both women and men struggling with substance abuse problems. There are specialized programs for young men, LGBTQIA, and Christians who are in need for addiction recovery support. The program is a combination of evidence-based practices, 12-step philosophy, and holistic approach.

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