St. Peter’s Addiction Recovery Center Rehab Review: Have Faith

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St. Peter's Addiction Recovery Center Review

St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany, New York hosts its Addiction Recovery Center (SPARC) at two separate locations. The first being at the hospital itself where it houses a detox facility.

The second location in Guilderland, New York houses the inpatient program. The Men’s Community Residence is a transitional living residence for men who have already completed rehab.

Building Upon a Stone

St. Peter’s Hospital has been serving Albany County since 1869. The hospital has its origins as a place where the neediest and vulnerable in society could receive medical care, as well as an education.

St. Peter’s has grown ever since those charitable beginnings to serve almost 4,000 people a day. St. Peter’s alcohol and chemical dependency program (SPARC) started in 1972. The program consists of not only detox and inpatient facilities but also six different outpatient facilities around New York state.

The detox facility included in this network is at St. Peter’s Hospital main building. Detox beds number 18 and St. Peter’s provides around the clock medical care and supervision to individuals going through withdrawal from drugs and alcohol.

The services available to a detoxing patient include medication assistance, with prescription drugs, thorough psychological and psychiatric assessments and an introduction to 12-Step support groups. After completing chemical withdrawal, patients get referred to the inpatient or outpatient program at SPARC.

A Cross to Bear

The SPARC inpatient residential program has 40-beds, separated by gender. If a patient has already gone through detox, they can forego physical and psychological assessments and move straight into the residence.
For those referred from other detoxes or emergency rooms, assessments of medical and mental history are performed by staff at SPARC. Only patients 18 and older can enroll in the inpatient program. Adolescents can receive care through SPARC’s outpatient locations.

Treatment stays at the inpatient residential program last for the minimum of 28-days. Being placed in a hospital setting does not mean that patients get treated with only science-based and medically inclined treatments.

Counseling, in both individual and group formats, plays heavily in treatment. Family involvement and 12-Step meetings provide a much-needed support network both during and after treatment.

Relapse prevention and addiction education classes help prepare patients for their lives after treatment by giving them the tools to identify triggers and avoid precarious situations. In keeping with its charitable origins, SPARC also offers an array of healthcare and social support services that intersect with its drug and alcohol treatment program.

The homeless can receive housing support, as well as other health care services like HIV testing and case management. Pregnant drug users can also be admitted and treated at SPARC, in both inpatient and outpatient formats.

While SPARC emphasizes treating the poor and needy, they also have a treatment track for addicted professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, and corporate executives. This service is provided in a safe outpatient setting so these individuals can continue with their professional obligations, while also receiving care.

Support and Care

The outpatient services that SPARC offers at its six different locations are also far-reaching and comprehensive. They cover various areas of New York state and provide such broad services as support groups, DWI education classes (mandated by the court, of course) and most importantly, treatment for adolescent addiction sufferers.

SPARC offers treatment for dual diagnosis patients at all of its outpatient clinics.The 22-bed Men’s Community Residence is the final stop for those leaving the inpatient program and looking to make a successful transition back to normal life. During their four to six month stay, men receive vocational training, regularly attend 12-Step meetings, and get support from past graduates of SPARC.
The St. Peter’s Addiction Recovery Center is an all-encompassing and inclusive program. It offers medically-backed drug and alcohol abuse treatments along with thorough, expansive psychiatric care and social supports to those in need.

SPARC also attends to the needs of professionals with substance abuse problems, which just goes to show how far-reaching a problem addiction is in our society.

Cost for 30 days St. Peter’s Hospital (SPARC): $10, 248

Cost for group therapy: $100/hour.

Cost for individual therapy: $200/hour

Cost for assessment: $250

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