St. Jude’s Recovery Center Rehab Review: Healing the Vulnerable

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St. Jude's Recovery Center Review

The St. Jude’s Recovery Center has been providing a variety of addiction and mental health treatments to vulnerable populations in addition to housing opportunities and other social supports for over 50 years.

St. Jude’s Recovery Center has locations spread out across Atlanta, Georgia. Each location offers inpatient and outpatient treatments for low-income men and women and their families as well as temporary and permanent housing.

No Lost Causes

The St. Jude’s Recovery Center began in 1962 as a collaborative project between different city agencies and leaders to address the problem of chronic alcoholism among criminal offenders. Since then, St. Jude’s has become a leader in not only providing invaluable care but also in fighting to end homelessness.

The St. Jude’s Recovery Center network features over seven different facilities. These locations house programs as varied as separate men’s and women’s inpatient residential treatment center along with a family treatment house option for women and their children, and a sober living home for men.

The services provided do not stop there, however. St Jude’s Recovery also has its own stand-alone detox center and a transitional living residence specifically for recovering veterans. St. Jude has plans to open even more facilities, including an integrated healthcare center that will primarily serve high-risk individuals and their families.

Brick by Brick

Men and women looking for drug and alcohol rehabilitation usually begin their stays at the 20-bed detoxification house. Detox stays last for a maximum of 16-days and is medically supervised. Patients who exhibit more severe withdrawal symptoms get admitted to the local hospital.

Once a patient has completed detox they get referred to inpatient treatment. The men’s facility houses close to fifty men. The women’s facility has 16-beds in total.

Men and women receive addiction and dual diagnosis treatment in an environment designed for their therapeutic benefit. Treatment options include group and individual counseling, as well as regular 12-Step meetings. Upon finishing their inpatient treatment stays, men and women should be working and be ready to move on to another phase of treatment.

Women and their children who experience chronic homelessness can seek shelter at the 22-bed family care center. Here women receive substance abuse treatment in an inpatient setting. They can also receive life-skills education and counseling for themselves and their children.

The Six-Month Mark

Patients having completed six months of treatment as well as being employed qualify for even more aftercare services. Men can find lodging at St. Jude’s 8-bed halfway house after they have completed their six months as inpatient residents.

Veterans also have an 8-bed residence they can call home while they transition out of rehab and into regular life. Both halfway houses implore their residents to attend regular group meetings and submit to random drug tests.

Families or single-parent households have the option of living in the 42-bed Candler Forest Special Needs housing complex. Families with more than three children can live in two or three bedroom apartments while also receiving recovery services like counseling and aftercare supervision.

The outpatient program at St. Jude’s runs for close to ten weeks and offers further group counseling, addiction education, and relapse prevention classes. Project Open Arms is yet another St. Jude’s initiative directed towards homeless veterans suffering from addiction and PTSD-related conditions. It offers two to three bedroom apartments to veterans to help get them off the streets.

St. Jude’s Recovery Center has been a pillar of the community ever since 1962. They have expanded in leaps and bounds to serve the neediest in the community, especially women and children and veterans.

Prices for services at St. Jude’s Recovery Center based on a sliding scale.

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