St. Charles Hospital Rehab Review: A Century of Service

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St. Charles Hospital is a 243-bed, full-service healthcare facility in Long Island that offers high-quality treatments for all sorts of medical conditions.

St. Charles Hospital also provides much-needed drug and alcohol detoxification and rehabilitation services for both adults and adolescents.

Serving the Most Needy

As a member of the Catholic Health Services network, St. Charles Hospital has a history steeped in the tradition of showing charity and generosity to otherwise neglected people. The first of these groups were ill children from inner city Brooklyn who, in 1907, were taken to Long Island to receive care from an order of French nuns.

From then on, St. Charles Hospital has continued providing much-valued healthcare and social services to those the neediest and most vulnerable in the community. Admission to the St. Charles detox facility is determined by medical staff who used evidence-based tools to determine which treatment track best suits the patient.

St. Charles has ten spaces dedicated to the detoxification of substances although sometimes there are doubly occupied. Adolescents have four beds reserved for their detox needs. St. Charles, though, recently announced that because of the vast need for detox facilities in Long Island, they might be adding more detox beds in the future.

Detox is medically supervised and consists of 24-hour care from doctors and nurses who may or may not prescribe withdrawal medication. Along with the detoxification wing at St. Charles, there is a 40-bed inpatient residential program whose program duration is anywhere from 21 to 28 days.

Up until 2004, the detoxification and inpatient program at St. Charles dealt mostly with alcohol addiction cases. With the recent rise of opioid use and overdoses, the St. Charles program has added treatment programs, as well as additional beds, for opiate addiction sufferers.

Addressing a Crisis

Most patients in the detox program at St. Charles get referred to either the in-house inpatient program at St. Charles or to another facility for inpatient treatment. The inpatient program at St. Charles is divided between men and women, with men having more beds than women.

The treatment options at St. Charles vary from medically inclined therapies to wellness options and even the 12-Step philosophy. Topics touched on in intensive group therapy include cognitive behavioral adjustment, as well as relapse preventions classes.

Patients with co-occurring disorders also receive treatment if they have presented symptoms of both addiction and mental health conditions. Treatments for dual diagnosis disorders also include intensive group therapy, medication management as well as addiction and psycho-educational classes.

Aftercare at St. Charles includes an introduction to local recovery networks, as well as a health and wellness plan to help ease the transition into sober living. The adherence to the 12-Step program is also an important tool in helping patients stay away from substances.

St. Charles Hospital has been in the center of the storm in terms of bearing witness to the worst of the opioid epidemic, which has hit Long Island especially hard. St. Charles has responded in kind, however.

They have added more beds to its detox facility. St. Charles has also started harm reduction programs and specialized addiction treatment plans to address the opioid crisis in both adolescents and adults.

Price for 21-days at St. Charles Hospital: $9,000

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