Spring Hill at Ashby Rehab Review: Solitude to Treat Addiction

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Set among the cedar and maple trees of the remote New England woodlands, the Spring Hill recovery program in Ashby, Massachusetts, offers inpatient and outpatient programs for both men and women.

Spring Hill at Ashby is more a retreat than your typical rehab clinic.

Spring Hill offers treatments that help a person recover from substance abuse (as well as co-occurring disorders). But it also imbues patients with the skills that will help them maintain their sobriety once they have achieved it.

A Hideaway from Illness

Spring Hill’s treatment philosophy runs deep. It is interested more in teaching its patients the skills that will aid them in their long-term recovery, instead of just treating the symptoms of addiction.

The central facility can house up to 32 patients at one time. When you are in treatment at Spring Hill, 70 acres of untouched forest surround you. Your accommodations emphasize complete calmness and relaxation. All rooms are private.

Occupancy demands, however, may require you to bunk with another resident. Ashby itself is a small town, so you won’t have to worry about distractions while you are in residence.

Treatments manifest themselves through the food served at Spring Hill. Meals are prepared with the participation of a staff nutritionist.

Patients can also take healthy living classes with said nutritionist to learn the basics on how to maintain a healthy diet. Every Sunday, the Spring Hill chef prepares a brunch buffet for all residents.

Going Against the Grain

Although detox is perhaps the most critical phase of anyone’s recovery, there are no withdrawal facilities on-site at Spring Hill. Spring Hill has partnered with other local healthcare facilities to ensure that, should you need it, you will be able to receive it at any of the detox centers close-by.

Once this important section of your recovery has come to an end, Spring Hill stands ready to receive you into its residential treatment program. Entering the Spring Hill facility you are assessed by on-site intake coordinators.

They will help you design a particular methodology for your recovery. What steps to take, what treatments to be administered, the length of your stay, will all be determined within this assessment phase.

Spring Hill staff treat you with the utmost attention. The staff to patient ratio is a respectable 3:1 which means there is always someone on hand to take care of you. This can either be one of the therapists, registered nurses or recovery technicians.

There is particular attention given to any underlying causes for your addiction apart from the clinical or medical aspects. So, every morning at Spring Hill patients perform meditation and mindfulness activities before getting down to the harder work to come during the rest of the day.

Some of that “hard work” at Spring Hill includes individual sessions with your therapists. There are also cognitive behavioral therapies aimed at dismantling those obstacles that might be preventing your recovery.

MAT (medication assisted treatment) also features as a treatment option at Spring Hill. A combination of prescription drugs and therapy have been shown to help people not only overcome addiction but to sustain their sobriety also. To cover all aspects of your recovery, Spring Hill also instructs patients on relapse prevention, and offers motivational interviewing sessions to help reluctant clients get the most out of their treatment.

Treatments that address co-occurring disorders in patients include psycho-education and psychodrama. These treatments help you delve deeper into the mental health causes of your addiction. They help you identify those causes by acting out the more traumatic moments in your life that may have started your addiction.

Less strenuous therapies might include equine and animal assisted therapies, which help you develop your nurturing side. Some might find it difficult to articulate all the complex emotions found in an addict’s psyche, which is why expressive therapies like art and music are also offered at Spring Hill.

Spring Hill offers fitness centers and other wellness treatments like nutritional guidance and yoga classes to more fully combat your addiction. There is a gym on the premises with a personal trainer in residence to help patients becoming physically fitter as they become more mentally sound.

Out of the Woods

Once your need for intensive residential care begins to wane after the necessary 30 or 90 day period, patients might find that going home might be of better help, while still attending regular outpatient treatment sessions. Patients can continue with the treatments they had during their inpatient stay or may make use of another therapy strain that is less rigid.

Every patient that leaves Spring Hill becomes armed with a thorough aftercare plan which includes access to Sunspire Health’s Courage Program, an alumni network that offers advice and support to recent graduates of Spring Hill.

Spring Hill might have the benefits of providing a safe, secluded getaway to treat addiction and mental health conditions. Except, the isolation, especially from a support network of friends and family (family visits are allowed only on Sundays) might be a drawback for some. But the programs and treatments it offers, along with its setting, might be a winning combination for others.

Prices at Spring Hill based on the programs you enter.

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