Sovereign Health Rehab Review: Six Different Rehabs to Treat You

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Sovereign Health Review

Sovereign Health is an American drug and mental health treatment company that has six different facilities spread out across the United States. In California, Sovereign Health has three separate treatment centers, along with its corporate offices. In the rest of the country, Sovereign Health has treatment centers in Florida, Texas and Arizona and a boys-only rehabilitation center in Utah.

For brevity, this review will only feature details and descriptions of two of Sovereign Health’s facilities. The first being their women-only program in Chandler, Arizona and the second their troubled teen facility in Delta, Utah. These two centers can accurately illustrate the far-ranging addiction and behavioral health services that Sovereign provides.

White River Academy

The White River Academy in Delta, Utah is Sovereign Health’s residential treatment center for troubled boys. The Academy offers young men a place to receive treatment for various afflictions while still receiving educational instruction in a safe and structured environment.

The program originally started in Puerto Rico, but later changed locations and moved to the Great Basin region in Utah. The White River Academy prides itself on the close relationship with its hometown of Delta.

The town of Delta plays a big part of the treatment at White River Academy. The community becomes involved in helping the boys find jobs and internships. Volunteer opportunities in Delta can help steer boys into meaningful roles as caring and selfless men.

Boys Being Boys

White River Academy treats a broad range of behavioral and emotional problems in boys in an inpatient residential program. The usual age range is anywhere between 12 and 17 years-old.

Boys enrolled in the residential program receive a variety of different treatment options, depending on their particular affliction. Students reside in a former rural hospital which still retains its clinical setting. Boys sleep in the old patient rooms, two to a room.

Cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavioral therapies are White River Academy’s two primary treatment modalities, but there are other approaches. Group sessions aimed at encouraging social skills development help students overcome their stunted social growth.

Experiential outings encourage students to focus their energies on completing a task for the sake of others rather than putting their needs first. Outdoor excursions and a strong emphasis on physicality also play a role in the treatment at White River.

The experiential therapies like whitewater rafting or rock climbing combine with other physical activities like biking and hiking to give students a greater sense of achievement as well as boost their confidence.

Along with the educational elements included in the White River program, students must also complete any number of service projects before they complete the program. Community service projects include mentoring younger children, completing chores around the town of Delta or coaching youth sports teams.

Boys entering the program stay in residence for at least a year. Parents can contact their child regularly, and they also receive regular updates on their child’s progress from a parent liaison. White River also provides parent seminars that give parents the tools they need to help their child readjust to home life.

The White River Academy is not unique as a wilderness therapy facility that treats behavioral and emotional problems in young people. However, this does not mean it does not provide the same continuum of care as those other programs.

There is a strong emphasis on continuing a boy’s education in all aspects. Boys learn how to relate to one another as well to the community as a whole. White River takes great strides to instill in them strong values like discipline and respect to keep them growing as men and as adults.

Sovereign Health of Arizona

The Sovereign Health facility in Chandler, Arizona is a women-only residential inpatient and outpatient program. The center treats women suffering from addiction and mental health co-occurring disorders. There are also sober living facilities on-site for women transitioning out of the inpatient program.

Sovereign Health of Arizona is a few miles outside of Phoenix, in the quiet suburb of Chandler. The residences number 10 in total.

There are six houses for women in the inpatient program, as well as the four apartments for the outpatient programs. The inpatient residents stay in homes on private streets around Chandler surrounded by parks and other green areas.

Women in the sober living program live in fenced in houses with outdoor areas available for their use as well an outdoor pool. A gym is also on-site and available to them. The houses allow them a reasonable combination of independence and supervision.

Women between the ages of 18-65 are treated for all manner of disorders. Particular care and attention are given to women suffering from traumatic stress conditions.

The Serenity House facility at Sovereign Health of Arizona acts as its detox facility for women suffering from substance use disorders. During detox, if needed, women go through assessments done by medical staff at Sovereign Health of Arizona.

From then on, women can construct their treatment plans that offer them a variety of options to treat their specific affliction. Most options are evidence-based.

Treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy, neurofeedback, and EMDR all seek to help women suffering from dual diagnosis disorders as well as addiction problems triggered by trauma. More holistic treatments like art and music therapy can also help women work through their troubled emotional states.

The sober living residences offer women the chance to continue treatment in Sovereign Health of Arizona’s outpatient program but also lets them slowly transition back to regular life. The apartments have all the necessary amenities a person needs to rebuild their lives. Laundry facilities, well-equipped kitchens and flat-screen TVs all help women get back to normalcy.

Sovereign Health has built its reputation on the many facets of addiction and mental health disorders it treats. It has expanded its network far and wide to be able to address as many different populations as it can. From the boy’s academy in Utah to the women-only facility in Arizona, Sovereign Health provides the same dedication to care and to healing in all of its treatment centers.

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