Southwest Counseling Service Treatment Center Rehab Review

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Southwest Counseling Service Treatment Center Rehab Review: Affordable Recovery

Southwest Counseling Service includes six facilities spread over southwestern Wyoming Sweetwater County. The network provides substance abuse recovery services and treatment of mental health disorders.

Addiction treatment for adults is conducted on three levels — inpatient, intensive outpatient, and outpatient, while the most intensive level of care for teenagers is an intensive outpatient program.

Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Before the admission to the center, clients undergo a thorough evaluation to determine which program suits them the most.

Southwest Counseling Service provides three different residential treatment programs — regular residential treatment, therapeutic community, and women’s addiction program.

All three modalities offer 24-hour support and care, holistic approach, and structured environment necessary for successful recovery.

The therapeutic community is designed for individuals charged with drug-related crimes, and it is based on peer support, while women’s addiction program provides drug abuse treatment to pregnant women and mothers.

The intensive outpatient program is gender-specific, and it consists of 9 hours of therapy sessions per week. The average duration of the program is six months. The primary goal is to establish long-term sobriety.

The staff at the center includes nurses, therapists, and counselors.

Facilities and Extras

Southwest Counseling provides three residential programs. Short-term program is offered to both women and men and lasts up to six months, while long-term recovery is provided to men. The duration of this program varies from six months to a year. The third residential option is Women Addiction program for mothers with children and pregnant women.

Rooms at all three programs are shared, and clients are obliged to keep their living space clean.

Southwest Counseling provides aftercare and educational services to those in need. The center also offers continuing care that includes three 30-minute counseling sessions per week.

Recovery Skills and Therapeutic Community groups meet weekly and provide help regarding coping skills, triggers, relapse prevention, and education.

Clients who are referred by court can attend DUI groups.

Rules and Regulations in Southwest Counseling Service

The cost of a 30-day stay at the Southwest Counseling Service varies from $300 to $400.

Information regarding client’s recovery is kept private and is not shared with anyone without patient’s permission.


Southwest Counseling Service provides inpatient and outpatient addiction recovery services for women and men struggling with addiction. The treatment is also available to mothers with children as well as pregnant women. The center offers 24-hour care and supervision during the residential phase of the recovery. If your finances are limited and you are looking for comprehensive substance abuse treatment, Southwest Counseling Service might be the place for you.

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