South Oaks Hospital Rehab Review – Recovery and Relaxation

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Existing for more than a century, South Oaks Hospital holds a reputation for commitment, compassion, and care it provides to its patients, both locally and nationally. It offers high-quality crisis management, treatment and recovery services for those struggling with acute psychiatric illness and addiction. Moreover, it ensures optimal setting and individualized assessment to each patient. South Oaks Hospital is located in Amityville, close by Long Island, and it provides services for wide range of clients, spanning from children to adolescents.

South Oaks Hospital: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

As South Oaks admits patients based on their age, it offers following programs for age-specific groups:

  •         Child and adolescent programs
  •         Adult programs
  •         Perinatal programs
  •         Senior adult programs

However, when it comes to substance abuse and addiction treatments that South Oaks offers through its chemical dependency program, they are available to patients aged 18 or older. As such, chemical dependency program is available to adolescents and adults who are suffering from addiction disorders, be it alcoholism, heroin, or other drugs. Additionally, the hospital provides comprehensive psychiatric services to patients with coexisting disorders. South Oaks bases its treatments on proper education as the key to successful recovery, hence it educates its patients about medical aspects of addiction, effects of addiction on the family, overcoming dependency, coping skills, relapse prevention, sober living, and 12 step programs. These educational goals the hospital conducts through following services:

  •         Cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies
  •         Individualized one-on-one sessions
  •         Therapeutic rehabilitation
  •         Support groups
  •         Family therapies and conferences
  •        Medication management
  •         Vocational counseling
  •         Pet therapy

Family conferences are specific sessions through which South Oaks provides support for the families with patient consent. In these sessions, patients and family members can facilitate communication in a supervised setting. If needed, the hospital will educate both patients and family members regarding specific diagnoses, and offer in-home services. By doing so, South Oaks increases patients’ motivation for a safe recovery.

Chemical dependency program operates on two levels, as inpatient and outpatient program. Through its inpatient program, South Oaks provides comprehensive treatments and rehabilitation for individuals under continual care and supervision. Inpatient treatment includes a comprehensive assessment (psychiatric, physical, psychosocial), medically supervised detoxification from alcohol or drugs, and rehabilitation. The hospital basses the whole addiction process on an individualized treatment plan and discharge goals depending on unique needs of each patient.

South Oaks’ multidisciplinary team consists of: psychiatrists, nurses, pharmacists, licensed alcohol and substance abuse counselors, addiction specialists, and licensed mental health counselors. The hospital’s professionals utilize evidence-based treatments and advanced techniques of intervention, both on psychotherapeutic and pharmacological levels.

The hospital also provides an intensive outpatient program, available in daytime and evening hours for 3 hours session three to five days a week.

Facilities and Extra

Its chemical dependency program South Oaks conducts at the facility known as Jennings Hall. Jennings Hall is a beautiful building of red bricks and warm décor, with abundance of natural light and comfortable accommodation. It also has extensive dining and lounge facilities, including the outdoor patio. South Oaks Hospital can serve up to 52 patients at one time, with 24 beds for detoxification, and other 28 beds for rehabilitation. The town itself is in close proximity to the bay and ocean, with abundance of appealing architecture and greenery.

Rules and Regulations at South Oaks Hospital

As every treatment center, South Oaks imposes general rules for the sake of its patients’ health and recovery which include a decent dress code and prohibition of malicious materials, items, and actions.


With its convenient location and on point services, South Oaks hospital prides itself on successful recovery rate among patients, as it leads them to a life-long sobriety.

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