Solace Counseling Associates PLLC Treatment Center Rehab Review

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Located in Dallas and Plano, Solace Counseling Associates PLLC provides outpatient services to both women and men dealing with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

Solace Counseling Associates PLLC: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Given the fact that Solace Counseling Associates PLLC does not provide residential services, their primary focus is outpatient program.

Ambulatory detox is, in most cases, the first step toward recovery at the Solace Counseling Associates PLLC. It includes supervised detox outside in non-hospital environment and administration of certain medications such as Suboxone in order to prevent or ease withdrawal symptoms.

The intensive outpatient program is designed for individuals who do not need 24-hour supervision and support. These are mentally and physically stable clients that have a good home environment. The program utilizes the 12-step approach as well as cognitive-behavioral therapy and other evidence-based practices. The ultimate goal is to change maladaptive patterns of behavior and discover emotional issues that have led to addiction.

Dual diagnosis treatment is part of outpatient program, and is designed to help clients who suffer from mental health issues that coexist with substance abuse disorder.

The staff at the center consists of nurses, therapist, medical doctor, and counselor.

Solace Counseling Associates PLLC: Facilities and Extras

The supportive outpatient program is a step down from intensive outpatient program. The primary focus of this phase of recovery is relapse prevention.

Family counseling exists as a standalone service or as an integrative part of the outpatient program.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation uses a magnetic field to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, or other mental health disorders by stimulating nerve cells in the brain. This method has shown to be helpful when medications or psychotherapy do not work. The procedure is not invasive and does not cause seizures.

Rules and Regulations in Solace Counseling Associates PLLC

If you are in need of outpatient rehab services, you can fill the application form online, on the center’s website. For additional information about the admission policy, call (214) 522-4640 (Dallas) and (214) 522-4640 (Plano).


Solace Counseling Associates PLLC offers several outpatient treatment options for women and men dealing with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Therapy is based on 12 steps and cognitive-behavioral approach. The center also offers transcranial magnetic stimulation, a method designed for patients who do not respond to medications and psychotherapy.

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