Sobriety House Treatment Center Rehab Review: High Quality Care

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Sobriety House Review

Denver’s Sobriety House is the proud owner of Colorado’s oldest treatment program. Since 1967, this facility offers 12-step programmed recovery to both men and women who struggle with substance abuse, in an intimate and safe setting.

Sobriety House: Programs, Treatments and Staff

The treatment program is multi-phased.

Phase I – is a 28-day intensive residential treatment, intended for those who have a severe addiction or/and little prior rehabilitation experience. A typical day for residents enrolled in this phase includes four small-group meetings, starting at 8:30 AM and ending at 4 PM. Each resident receives a program manual with information about the following weekly subjects and additional homework. After 4 PM, there is time for homework, individual sessions, and a 12-step meeting. Sobriety maintenance, stress management, assertiveness training, feelings awareness are subjects included in the program.

Phase II – is often recommended after the successful completion of Phase I. It is a transitional residential treatment (Halfway House), where clients obtain full-time employment and attend treatment activities in the evenings, during 30 to 120 days of attending this program. The evening activities include group therapy sessions, one-on-one counseling, 12-step meetings, and participation in 12-step work.

Phase III – is an independent living program, held at the Gaylord Apartments. After the completion of the residential programs, clients can apply to live in one of the Sobriety House furnished, minimal rent apartments for up to 9 months. Residents have the responsibility to maintain their sobriety and participate in an aftercare program during the entire stay.

Sober Living – is intended for clients who have a minimum of 30 days of sobriety. The clients must remain sober and clean, which is evidenced by urinalysis and blood analysis. Those enrolled in the Sober Living program are not considered to be in the treatment but are expected to put into action what they have learned during the treatment.

The staff team includes Masters-level employees, some of whom are undergoing the recovery themselves. This helps the employees connect with the clients and to be a strong support throughout the whole recovery.

Facilities and Extras

Sobriety House’s six facilities in Denver’s metro area resemble a homelike setting. The facilities are gender-specific. The intensive residential program takes place at the main campus with three Victorian homes. Clients share rooms with other residents (two or three), but some private rooms are also available. A typical room is spacious, sparsely furnished, with twin-size beds. The dining hall and the large meeting room are located in the original 1967 Sobriety House.

Stepping Stone is not a program per se, but a unique location for women in recovery. Stepping Stone offers accommodation for 16 women during Phase I and Phase II. The staff is made exclusively of women.

Once a month, Sobriety House hosts a Family Education Day. This is an opportunity for family members and friends of clients who are participating in Phase I to acquire basic education about the treatment process and gather all the necessary resources and information. Family Education Day includes an overview of Phase I program, testimonials from past and current Sobriety House clients, education about support resources for the families and friends of those in recovery, etc.

When a loved one suffers from addiction, Al-Anon and Nar-Anon groups provide support and encouragement for friends and family of those who struggle with alcohol and drug addiction.

Exercise is strongly supported here, so each client has access to an onsite gym and yoga classes. Art therapy is also available.

Rules and Regulations at Sobriety House

Sobriety House performs an over-the-phone pre-admission screening which helps in deciding the level of care most suitable for the specific client. Also, the Intake Coordinator provides the client with the program information.

Travel arrangements to Denver are entirely patients’ responsibility. For those traveling from out-of-state, Sobriety House staff arranges pick up from the airport. Upon arrival, clients complete paperwork and receive orientation information about the program.

Clients are presented with a list of allowed and contraband items. Besides the obvious drugs and alcohol possession, some of the forbidden items include mouthwash, fingernail polish remover, cleaning liquids, empty pill bottles, food, candy or snacks, hot plates, vitamins, laxatives, aftershave, etc. The privacy rights of Sobriety House clients are preserved and protected.

The cost of Sobriety House treatment for 30 days is $4.800. As a non-profit organization, this treatment center keeps the fees low. Prospective clients may even qualify for the treatment without cost. Medicaid covers only outpatient services.


Sobriety House is a private non-profit corporation and the oldest substance abuse treatment facility in Colorado. A full continuum of care in a friendly and family atmosphere is provided to each client at low cost. With a strong and strict 12-step philosophy implementation, Sobriety House provides excellent care during and after the treatment.

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