Sober Living by the Sea Rehab Review: A Safe Place to Land

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It is not only Sober Living by the Sea’s oceanside location that makes it an ideal place to get addiction treatment. Its proximity to Newport Beach, California, which is the region that hosts the most amount of AA meetings in the world, also helps.

Sober Living by the Sea is a rehab center that provides, not only sober living facilities, but inpatient and outpatient treatment, including detoxification services and aftercare services at three different locations.

Swept Up

Sober Living by the Sea opened its doors in 1986. The initial idea of the founding couple, Carl and Barbara Mosen was to create a sober living home for men and women just out of residential treatment.

Sober Living by the Sea consisted mostly of Carl and Barbara taking in men and women just coming out of rehab into their home and helping them adjust to sober life. They did this by reinforcing the principles of the 12-Steps into clients and by driving people to work and recovery meetings.

Eventually, the Mosens decided to begin a residential program, and that’s how Sober Living by the Sea was born. The Mosens chose to open three separate residences, one for men, one for women and a co-ed facility.

The men’s program, known as the Landing, features a beachfront house that while not palatial in size, is regal in its interiors and accommodations. Floor to ceiling windows wraparound practically the entire house letting in vast amounts of natural light.

Men share rooms that offer en-suite bathrooms outfitted with hot tubs and access to outdoor patios with views of the ocean. Fireplaces can be found in almost every room, from the bedrooms to the living rooms and dining rooms.

The women’s residence also offers the most ostentatious luxury available. With marbled kitchen islands and stainless steel refrigerators and ovens to the carpeted floors of the bedrooms that are both private and semi-private.

Best of Both Worlds

Men and women at either of Sober Living by the Sea’s facilities can receive detox treatment for withdrawal from a variety of substances. During the detox period, incoming clients also receive physical and psychological assessments that will help in creating your individualized treatment plan.

Treatment options for men and women have only slight variations between them. Both men and women can receive treatment in 30 or 90-day durations.

Men receive individualized counseling, as well as group therapy sessions five times a week. Given its closeness to the Pacific, Sober Living by the Sea offers all its clients a melding of Eastern and Western alternatives.

Meditation, massage therapy and acupuncture all figure heavily in treatment plans. Men have the added option of participating in martial art classes like kung fu and tai chi as a physical fitness elective.

Women receive more cerebral options with a heavy emphasis on cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy. Trauma-related addictions, which are more particular to women, get treated with a combination of acceptance and commitment therapy, rational emotive behavior therapy and reality therapy.

Both men and women participate in offsite 12-Step meetings. The Sunrise Recovery Ranch offers many of the same program elements, along with addiction education and relapse prevention classes, as well as family therapy sessions.

Men and women can also receive outpatient and partial hospitalization services from both of the inpatient residences. Known respectively as the Landing II and the Rose II, outpatient services address many of the same addiction and mental health disorders as the inpatient program.

Clients receive one-on-one psychotherapy for dual diagnosis disorders, family counseling for their loved ones and participate in experiential treatments like Hypnotherapy and expressive therapy classes. The outpatient options can only be taken if a potential patient has completed a residential rehab program either at Sober Living by the Sea or another residential inpatient program.

Sober Living by the Sea is a world-class program for men and women looking for an escape into comfort and luxury. Live-in chefs who prepare all clients meals, hiking trails abound and daily meditation help men and women focus on absorbing treatment principles better.

The breadth of therapy options also reveals Sober Living by the Sea’s deep commitment to offering the best to its clients for them to overcome addiction and behavioral health disorders.

Price for 30 days at Sober Living by the Sea: $31,000

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