Sober Living America Rehab Review: Bringing Out The Best In You

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Sober Living America Review

Sober Living America is one of those few rehab centers that heals in a most unorthodox way. Sober Living America has facilities across the southern United States that provide sober living facilities to men and women looking to beat their addiction problems.

Sober Living America is a non-profit organization that makes it a mission never to turn away anyone because they can’t pay for treatment. Sober Living America’s sober houses offer residents treatment through support services, like job skills training and vocational training as well as the embracing of a 12-Step philosophy.

A Promise to All

The founder of Sober Living America, Jim De Varennes, felt motivated to start Sober Living America while he was working at an outpatient center. He witnessed a young family turned away because they didn’t have the money to pay for treatment.

Ever since then, a founding principle of Sober Living America has been to never make a client’s ability to pay a factor in them receiving treatment. Given this altruistic founding, the treatment program at Sober Living America focuses mostly on abstinence-based programs.

Sober Living America offers precisely that; homes, communities, families that help a person overcome their addiction by providing a safe, non-judgemental environment.

Sober Living America’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia was the first sober living house that opened under the Sober Living America name in 1994. The network has since expanded to homes in Florida, Alabama and South Carolina.

Each Sober Living America house is completely drug and alcohol-free. Houses have different amenities like outdoor pools and BBQ areas and residents often participate in community events to get them focused on helping others while in recovery.

Working With Others

Almost 50,000 people have been helped by Sober Living America houses throughout the South. Residencies at Sober Living America often last for as long as 90 days, but can last for as long as a person needs to stay at the house.

Individuals who show up at a Sober Living America house intoxicated get referred to local detox programs to go through withdrawal before entering the Sober Living America house. Taking on some responsibilities at a Sober Living America house is a primary feature of treatment.

Residents clean and maintain the house. They go shopping for groceries and prepare meals not just for themselves but all residents. Finding employment is also essential to getting people back on their feet.

Sober Living America has various community partners, which are local businesses that can offer jobs and training to those living at a Sober Living America house. Educating young people about how to recognize addiction and the dangers of drugs is a new program that Sober Living America has developed to prevent substance abuse in the first place.

Sober Living America might be ideal for those who have already completed an inpatient residential program. Sober Living America’s emphasis on finding a job or learning new skills, as well as the regular drug and alcohol testing would be of great help to someone trying to continue their recovery.

Although Sober Living America does not offer much more than sober living houses, former patients have spoken of how that was all they needed to beat their addiction.

They have spoken on the therapeutic value of just talking to someone about their problems on a porch, as having as much a profound and life-changing effect on them as any traditional rehab or treatment center could ever have.

Price for 30 days at Sober Living America: $680

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