Silver Hill Hospital Rehab Review: Unique Among Rehabs

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Silver Hill Hospital boldly proclaims its uniqueness among drug rehab and mental health care facilities. This statement is backed up by not only its experience (it opened in 1931), but because of its non-profit status, it does not focus solely on profit or any other financial concerns. All of Silver Hill’s resources go towards improving the patient experience.

A Pedigree of Care

Silver Hill’s 43-acre campus is only an hour away from New York City . Silver Hill Hospital’s primary focus is on the treatment of co-occurring and substance abuse disorders which it does through a decidedly clinical method. It has a no-nonsense attitude toward treating illnesses of the mind and body. However, their stern approach softens once you reach their calming, pleasant New England location that evokes a leaf-strewn university campus rather than a psychiatric hospital.

Silver Hill Hospital treats both adults and adolescents as young as thirteen years-old, who may suffer not only from chemical dependency issues but mental health disorders that may occur alongside substance abuse problems. Silver Hill Hospital takes pride in its proficiency in treating co-occurring disorders, and that expertise has brought it to the forefront of all the dual diagnosis rehabs in New England.

There are seven different inpatient treatment facilities at Seven Hill Hospital, where residents can live in comfort and safety while undergoing treatment at Silver Hill. Inpatient residential stays can last for a month or longer.

The “Not a Hospital” Hospital

Detox is key to recovery, and Silver Hill Hospital lets patients withdraw from chemical dependency for a length of 3 to 5 days. Psychiatric emergencies are given anywhere between 7 to 14 days to subside and to allow for a more thorough assessment and treatment designing phase.

Once detox is over, patients can move to the Transitional Living Program at Silver Hill where the intensive continuation of Silver Hill’s renowned treatment methods can take place. Treatment during the Transitional Living Program helps residents better understand their illnesses, on a deep, psychological level. Since so much of recovery entails re-learning behavior that you took for granted, behavior modification then becomes crucial to helping someone live a sober life.

It is not only the 12 Steps that help patients in the Transitional phase at Silver Hill, but dialectical behavior therapy also plays an important role. Group sessions, as well as individual consultations with your specially assigned psychotherapist, are all designed around the tenets of DBT. Family sessions and the intensive outpatient program at Silver Hill also heavily feature dialectical behavior re-adjustment.

Furthering Your Healing

For the treatment of psychiatric disorders, Silver Hill Hospital has a longer-term program. This program stresses educating the sufferer on his or her particular malady. Again, dialectical behavioral therapy is center stage regarding treatment methods. However, Seeking Safety, a treatment method that inculcates a “safety-first” philosophy – safety in treatment, safety from substances and security in personal relationships – is also applied. It stresses the importance of freeing yourself from any past traumas that may have led to drug addiction.

These treatments help keep a particular condition in check so that patients can successfully re-enter their lives. Its adolescent treatment track not only addresses chemical dependency and mental health issues but eating disorders as well, which skew so heavily onto young people.

Creative therapies and the application of mindfulness lessons are some of the newer modalities that Silver Hill Hospital has to offer through its outpatient programs. The outpatient programs take place at different hours during the day throughout the week. Other outpatient sessions deal with relapse prevention, learning how to build healthy relationships and even a women-only recovery group.

Focused on You

Silver Hill Hospital promises thorough, specifically designed treatments for substance abuse issues as well as behavioral health problems. Its dedicated staff, some of who have spent their entire careers at Silver Hill, will determine how best to treat your particular illness. The private and serene, New England campus ensures a recovery steeped in tranquility and calmness.

Price for 30-days: $35-38,000

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