Sierra Tucson Rehab Review: A Famous Rehab to the Stars

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Sierra Tucson is a nationally recognized drug rehab and behavioral health treatment facility. Sierra Tucson offers prolonged inpatient residential treatments for people suffering from chemical dependency issues and mental health problems. Sierra Tuscon also treats various physical ailments such as chronic pain and process disorders such as anorexia nervosa and overeating.

Hope in the Desert

A former cocaine addict, William O’Donnell started the Sierra Tucson drug rehab and behavioral health center in 1983 on what was formerly known as the Brave Bull Guest Ranch. Sierra Tucson sits on 160-acres of undisturbed nature near the Santa Catalina mountains just outside of Tuscon, Arizona.

The inpatient residential treatment program is available to treat a variety of different physical and psychological disorders. Stays in the inpatient program can last for anywhere between 30 to 90 days. Guests live two to a room in living quarters that resemble a modest, reasonably priced hotel.

There are places aplenty for guests to congregate, both inside the facility and in the various outdoor spaces around the campus. Residents can make use of the recreational facilities located on the campus, which include a swimming pool, a well-equipped gym, outdoor sports fields, rock climbing wall and even a labyrinth.

A Creative and Integrative Plan

The list of disorders that Sierra Tucson treats is long. They treat everything from addictions to PTSD to eating disorders. Sierra Tucson employs a broad range of different treatment modalities to address these various conditions.

For patients receiving chemical dependency treatment, Sierra Tucson first offers detoxification services administered through its very own, on-site medical center, the Desert Flower Hospital. Medical and psychological assessments are then made to determine the best course of action for your treatment.

Therapies for chemical dependency problems attempt to address all the different factors involved in addiction, from the psychological to the spiritual. Most treatment days begin with meditation time followed by the first of many addiction education lectures given throughout the day. From there on, plans include some of the more personalized elements of a patient’s recovery.

During the week, the emphasis is on the evidence-based treatments like dialectical behavioral classes, process groups and both bio and neuro-feedback techniques. You also have time for individual counseling sessions and relapse prevention classes. 12 Step meetings take place during the evenings.

The weekend sees the more holistic and unconventional therapies applied. There are visitations from therapy dogs, as well as horse grooming and adventure therapy sessions taking place in the Sonoran desert. Family visits are integrated into your treatment plan as well.

Family Week is where your loved ones are invited to participate in therapy sessions specially designed to address the trauma and grief brought on by your addiction. Couples therapy is available for the patient and their significant other. Visiting family members can take part in popular alternative therapies like equine therapy and expressive art classes.

Finding the Miracle

During the last legs of your inpatient stay, Sierra Tucson helps you craft a continuing care plan, where you identify your support team after you leave the residential program. Once your primary counselor has approved your treatment scheme, you pair with a recovery coach.

They can monitor your progress through an online portal called Connect 365. You can post information about yourself online and also receive relapse prevention tips and advice.

Despite Sierra Tucson’s reputation as a reputable, fully comprehensive, drug addiction and behavioral health treatment center, it has been dogged, recently by troubling events. There have been at least three deaths at Sierra Tucson since 2011, two of them confirmed suicides.

Sierra Tucson had its license to operate briefly taken away by state regulators after it was found to be non-compliant with its policies of keeping track of its patient’s whereabouts.

After Sierra Tucson had made the necessary changes, its license was given back. It has continued to make changes to its patient’s care environment in the hopes of avoiding any further tragedies.

Price for 30 days at Sierra Tucson: $47,680.

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