Shoemaker Center Rehab Review — A Supervised Inpatient Rehab Facility

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This rehabilitation center is located on the historic Springfield Hospital Center campus in Sykesville, Maryland. The Shoemaker center one of the best local rehabs near Baltimore and it is affiliated with the prestigious Carroll County Health Department. It treats adults over the age of 18 battling drug and alcohol addiction. It serves women throughout Maryland and Men residing in Carroll, Harford, Frederick, Howard and Baltimore Counties.

Shoemaker Center Treatment Programs and Amenities

The treatment facility is equipped to house 39 inpatients at a time each with a personal living space and bed. Participants stay for a 28-day rotation in the rehabilitation center under 24 hour supervision and are provided with individual and group counseling during that time as an effective means for engagement and to help them grapple with their addiction challenges. Patients can freely take advantage of the group programs such as the relapse prevention program, guided meditations, the 12 step program, and various other communication and coping programs to improve their mental health during their stay. Individual counseling sessions or psychiatric appointments can be booked weekly. A physician will observe the initial week-long detox regimen when a new patient arrives. A nurse practitioner works with the patient to provide Suboxone, Buprenorphine, or Librium for aid in a fast and comfortable opioid withdrawal process. There is one addiction professional on site for every patient at the Shoemaker Center.

How do Shoemaker Center Professionals Approach Drug Addiction?

In keeping with Carroll County Health Department mission of research-based behavioral health services, the Shoemaker Center employs trained physicians and licensed alcohol and drug counselors to supervise the addiction and drug detox programs. Both Dialectical behavior therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral therapy are used to address patient needs.

Perks and Extras

The housing facilities are divided evenly between the men and women staying for the inpatient program. There are two detox rooms with adjacent bathrooms for inpatients facing acute withdrawal symptoms. Each detox room can house 5 patients.The remaining housing facilities contain a locker-room style bathroom shared among the other patients. The facilities are properly equipped for disability access.

Each housing unit has a TV room, a dining hall and a laundry room. Meals are provided by the affiliated Springfield Hospital and special dietary needs can be accommodated. Inpatient residents are responsible for washing their own clothes and linens, as well as keeping their rooms orderly. Patients can unwind during their daily outdoor recreation on the basketball or volleyball courts. There are also designated times for indoor recreation, when participants can socialize with other patients, play pool, ping-pong, other games or watch a movie.

Rules and Regulations at Shoemaker Center

In order to keep the patient’s focus on their rehabilitation visitation during the 28-day regimen is limited to one two-hour visit by a family member. The family member is required to attend a two hour training session to be eligible for visitation privileges.

The center is drug and alcohol free and smoking is also prohibited, however, nicotine patches are provided to help patients quit their habit. All patients must undergo a psychiatric evaluation before being admitted. The Shoemaker Center offers a sliding fee scale based on income and accepts Medicaid/Medicare and certain private insurers.

Shoemaker Center Review Summary

The Shoemaker Center has one of the best drug rehab programs because a medical professional provides supervision during 28 days in an inpatient setting providing detox and counseling services. located at an historic hospital campus. Based on online reviews, patients have been positive about the effectiveness of the counseling programs and the caring staff. But the amenities are relatively basic and the shared housing and wash room arrangement is a downside for some people. Get in touch with them if you or a loved one are struggling with addiction and seeking addiction treatment.

How To Contact Shoemaker Center

Visit the facility at 6655 Sykesville Road, Sykesville, Maryland 21784. The Shoemaker Center is available for visitation Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm and can be contacted by phone, fax or email.

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