Shades of Hope Rehab Review: An All Addictions Treatment Center

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The Shades of Hope rehab center takes pride in its treatment program that addresses several different addiction issues. Shades of Hope is more popularly known for its treatment of addictions disorders dealing with food and overeating.

While Shades of Hope has garnered a reputation for the treatment of food addiction disorders, their intensive inpatient and outpatient programs can treat all manner of addictions. Shades of Hope offers both a six-day intensive treatment scheme along with a long-term treatment commitment.

Breaking Into the Light

Shades of Hope founder and co-owner, Tennie McCarty, worked in the field of addiction treatment since the 1970s. While she counseled drug and alcohol abusers, Tennie did not understand how she too was suffering from an addiction: an addiction to food.

In addition to her food addiction, Tennie McCarty developed a bulimia habit. After reaching a point where her physical health was failing, Tennie decided to get help and also start a treatment program for others.

Shades of Hope has, in its 20 years of operation, treated individuals, both men, and women in a variety of ways. Shades of Hope, which is located in Buffalo Gap, Texas offers three distinct treatment tracks.

The Shades of Hope facility sits on a leafy-green street, surrounded by drooping oak trees and white picket fences. It is a simple residential home with few, if any recreational facilities on offer, although this is part Shades of Hope’s treatment philosophy.

There is no gym or exercise facility. Shades of Hope wishes to see their clients continue easy-to-do physical activities like walking or doing yoga at home after doing them regularly while in residence.

In addition, clients of Shades of Hope live with roommates to lessen a client’s feeling of isolation while in treatment. Meals take into consideration healthy eating habits and feature no refined sugars, white flour or red meat.

Taking a Breather

On the first day at Shades of Hope, patients receive assessments from medical staff to discover how best to treat their particular affliction, despite already doing an over-the-phone assessment before arriving. Treatment days follow a simple path starting with physical activity in the morning, followed by group sessions, meetings with the Shades of Hope medical team and finally reflective time in the evenings.

Rather than keeping food addicts and eating disorder patients away from food, a casual dinner off-site every Saturday helps acclimate residents to a healthy and stable dining experience. Sundays consist of free time as well as family visits.

Shades of Hope also promotes healthy living to its clients. Shades of Hope offers counseling to overweight patients through either a weight-loss seminar offered online or informing them on the pros and cons of undergoing bariatric surgery (aka stomach stapling).

Shades of Hope differs from most treatment centers with their treatment schemes that vary in duration. Shades of Hope offers a weekend, week-long and 42-day inpatient residential program at its facility.

The two-day, “Breaking Free” course offers clients workshops and counseling on identifying important addiction triggers. Clients get cognitive behavioral therapy to relearn all of the destructive thinking that propels them to addiction.

The six-day program for addiction sufferers offers an intensive environment of counseling, group work, and physical activities. The six-day program can serve as both a treatment option in itself or as an informal “detox” period to allow patients the time and space to decide what are their next options.

And speaking of detox, Shades of Hope does offer a medically supervised detox program for its inpatient residents at an affiliate location, should they need it. Clients entering the 42-day program can expect dual diagnosis treatments from staff psychiatrists as well as an introduction to the 12-Step fellowship and addiction education classes.

Family involvement plays an essential role in all treatment plans. Loved ones can accompany their family members to treatment and then return for Family Week, near the end of the 42-days to determine which course of action to take concerning their family member’s recovery.

The aftercare options can either be transitioning to a supportive living facility or a family members receiving addiction education to help their loved one avoid relapses once they have left Shades of Hope.

The Shades of Hope treatment center occupies a very unique niche. It has become a leader in not only treating food addiction and eating disorders but recognizing them as serious behavioral health problems as well.

Shades of Hope offers education and support as valuable tools in fighting addiction, while also providing evidence-based care and aftercare services to help people stay recovered.

Price for Six-Day program at Shades of Hope: $3,495 (with an $800 non-refundable deposit)

Price for 42-days at Shades of Hope: $700/day, all inclusive save for medical emergencies, prescription drugs, and toiletries

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