Sees the Day Transitional Housing Rehab Review: Supportive Living

  1. Sees the Day Transitional Housing Review

Sees the Day is transitional housing facility founded in 1996 by David Dunkel. As a former addict, Dunkel recognized the need for a supportive living environment for struggling substance abusers in the city of York. Now, Sees the Day Transitional Housing provides a safe place that is alcohol and drug-free for both male and female clients.

The center operates on 13 different gender-specific locations, 8 for men, and 5 for women. In each house live up to six residents. Rooms are well-equipped and shared by two patients.

Residencies have Wi-Fi and a TV in the common area. Every household has a manager who is in charge of supervision and support.

Sees the Day Transitional Housing: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Residents of the Sees the Day Transitional Housing are responsible for preparing their own meals, housekeeping, and grocery shopping. Every week each client has to pitch in $20 for the budget.

The way of life in the facility is based on 12-step approach. Therefore, clients are obligated to attend daily AA or NA meetings for the first 90 of stay, and after that four times a week. Additionally, residents have to work for 32 hours per week or to do a community service 25 hours a week. Regular house meetings are mandatory.

Facilities and Extras

Sees the Day Transitional Housing is certified by the Pennsylvania Alliance Recovery Residence (PARR).

Rules and Regulations

Before the admission to the Sees the Day Transitional Housing, clients have to undergo a detox. Also, they have to complete residential treatment before they start the program.

Completion of outpatient treatment is recommended but not necessary. After the arrival to the house, the patient is on a probation period. During this phase, lights are out at 10 PM. After this time, the curfew is 11PM, except on Fridays and Saturdays when it is 1 AM.

Random drug testing is regularly conducted. Also, if a relapse occurs, a client will be immediately evicted. Other situations that will result in eviction are smoking in the bedroom, having intimate relationships with fellow residents, or being involved in a relationship during the probation period.

The cost of a one-week stay in the Sees the Day Transitional Housing is $560.


Sees the Day Transitional Housing provides safe and supportive drug and alcohol-free environment for male and female residents of York, Pennsylvania. The base of the treatment program at the center is a 12-step philosophy which means that clients are obligated to attend AA or NA meetings in the local community.

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