Seabrook House Rehab Review – A Unique Recovery Model

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Seabrook House Review

In 1976, Jerry Diehl and his wife Peg discovered that people, who undergo an inpatient rehab treatment along with AA meetings, manage to maintain their sobriety longer. After Jerry’s death, his wife and son Edward continued to run the facility. Today, Seabrook includes five centers that provide detox, inpatient, and outpatient services. The center is located in Bridgeton on 40 acres of forest land, surrounded by walking paths, where residents can enjoy the harmonious environment and focus solely on their recovery.

Seabrook House: Treatment Programs and Staff

Seabrook House has their own treatment concept— the Seabrook House Model. This model includes a detox, inpatient treatment based on the 12 step program, transitional care, and attendance to AA and NA meetings.

After the initial evaluation, clients are tested for drugs. The next day, they undergo a complete medical examination. Medical detox can be conducted if necessary, during which patients can attend acupuncture and massage treatments in order to ease withdrawal symptoms.

Other than the 12 step program, Seabrook also places emphasis on evidence-based practice. Medical professionals also provide a dual diagnosis service if needed.

Group therapy sessions take place every day with a focus on relapse prevention. Individual therapy, on the other hand, is conducted once a week. Another program that Seabrook offers is called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), which is available for clients who suffer from trauma problems.

When an inpatient part of the rehab is finished, women can continue their recovery in a transitional care facility called Changes for Women. The room capacity of this center is 37 beds. Transitional program for men is located in Westfield. The transitional part of the rehab can last up to a year. The program is also based on the basic 12 steps and sober housing.

The Intensive Outpatient Program includes a 3-hour group therapy sessions three times a week and an hour-long individual therapy session.

Seabrook House staff includes 62 members (CADC, nurses, alcohol and drug interns, psychiatrists, primary therapists, and specialty therapists).

Seabrook House: Facilities and Extras

Additional activities and therapy option at Seabrook House include:

  •         Gym
  •         Yoga
  •         Massage therapy
  •         Equine therapy
  •         Sleep management
  •         Music and art therapy
  •         Adventure therapy
  •         One-year aftercare
  •         A family program that includes 3-hour therapy sessions on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Seabrook clients can also enjoy a TV and pinball machines in the common area.

Rules and Regulations at Seabrook House

At Seabrook House, clients get up at 7 AM. every morning. After the morning workout, they have breakfast and go to a therapy session, after which they can enjoy some free time.

After lunch, clients go to a Big Book Study, a lecture, and an AA or an NA meeting. In the evening, after dinner, clients attend study groups or watch a recovery movie. Lights are out at 11 PM.

During therapy sessions clients are separated into gender-specific groups; in addition to that, caffeine is not allowed.

A 30-day-stay at Seabrook House costs $26,200. Most insurance plans accept Seabrook House services. The Transitional Care program costs $27,500 for 90 days.


Seabrook House is a substance abuse treatment facility where clients can receive the adequate professional medical assistance, along with compassionate care. It is a great recovery center where a loving staff does everything in their power to treat the residents. Seabrook is a rejuvenating place where one can start afresh.  

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