Sante Center for Healing Rehab Review: Continuing Care for Struggling Addicts

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Sante Center for Healing was founded in 1996 by brother and sister Rip and Deb Corley, both addiction recovery specialists. They gathered a team of experts in order to establish a facility that will provide help and support for clients suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. Starting with only four clients, this facility soon becomes a famous sanctuary for recovering addicts.

Sante Center for Healing: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Treatment at the Sante Center for Healing is highly individualized, and it includes gender-specific groups for both drug and alcohol abuse. The facility provides medically supervised detox before inpatient program.

The recovery is based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, dialectical behavioral therapy, EMDR, and other treatment methods designed for trauma and grief processing. Clients with co-occurring disorders also get all the help they need as well as residents who suffer from poly-addiction. The primary goal of the rehabilitation is to help clients recognize the feeling of shame and teach them how to overcome it. Those in need of experiential therapy, spiritual advising, and holistic treatment methods such as yoga and massage will be happy to hear that Sante Center for Healing offers these services as part of the residential program as well.

The intensive outpatient program goes through three phases. Phase one includes 10 hours of therapy per week; phase two consists of seven hours of therapy sessions; while the third phase includes only three hours of therapy a week. The goals of intensive outpatient program are similar to those in residential treatment. The duration of outpatient recovery is usually 24 weeks.

Therapy intensives include recovery from trauma and codependency. The treatment is based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and cognitive processing groups. Additionally, clients can attend art and equine therapy sessions.

Given the fact that addiction is not only a health problem, but also a social issue, it is understandable why family therapy is essential for the recovering addict and other family members as well. Substance abuse might only be a symptom of dysfunctional communication patterns and interactions, and vice versa—addiction might cause all these problems. In both cases, involvement of family members is crucial for recovery. Sante Center for Healing offers individual, and group family therapy, educational classes, and family and friends support groups.

Transitional living provides support to clients who are in need of additional assistance during the day. Male and female patients stay in separate apartments while attending daily group meetings, support groups, and meditation classes. Highly trained staff helps residents with budget planning, education, and meal prepping. Clients can spend their free time at the local gym or volunteering. Random drug testing is mandatory.

Sante Center for Healing offers outpatient clinic service which allows clients to receive psychiatric and medical care including medication management and counseling. The primary goal is to help clients overcome problems related to addiction, depression, grief, and trauma. Nutritional services and telemedicine are also available within outpatient clinic program.

The staff at the Sante Center for Healing includes licensed therapists, counselors, nurses, medical doctors, and psychiatrists.

Facilities and Extras

Sante Center for Healing does not offer luxurious features. Rooms are shared and modestly furnished with only beds and a desk. However, the facility provides highly structured and safe environment during the recovery process. The schedule of daily activities is quite busy, and it does not include browsing the internet or watching TV.

Besides traditional inpatient and outpatient treatments, the center provides aftercare, alumni meetings, and program for licensed professionals.

Aftercare services are mostly based on relapse prevention. The ultimate goal of this program is to help clients maintain long-term sobriety by identifying substance use triggers and situations of high risk. Sante Center for Healing encourages its clients to stay connected with the facility through alumni groups.

Professionals program is designed to address issues faced on a daily basis by licensed professionals; these combined with certain personality traits can easily lead to substance abuse. The program includes individual and group counseling, professional recovery group meetings, intensive family therapy, and aftercare planning.

Rules and Regulations in Sante Center for Healing

Sante Center for Healing accepts almost every insurance payment.

Some of the items, however, that are not allowed on campus are:

  • Tobacco products including electronic cigarettes
  • Computers (laptops or tablets) and cell phones
  • Playing cards and board games
  • Books and magazines unrelated to recovery
  • Non-prescribed medications
  • Food supplements, unless approved before the admission
  • Weapons


Sante Center for Healing provides detox, inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare services for women and men struggling with substance abuse. The treatment is based on 12-step and other evidence-based practices such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing. Therapy sessions are conducted in individual and group setting.

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