San Antonio Behavioral Healthcare Hospital Rehab Review: Tradition of Care

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Located in San Antonio, Texas, near South Texas Medical Center, San Antonio Behavioral Healthcare Hospital operates for 25 years now, being the first free-standing hospital to open in the city over that period of time. Nowadays, the hospital provides its patients with world-class treatments as it functions both as acute care psychiatric and substance abuse treatment facility. As such, it offers comprehensive individualized behavioral health programs, mental health services, and substance abuse programs.

San Antonio Behavioral Healthcare Hospital: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

San Antonio Behavioral is known for providing a kind, respectful, empathetic and encouraging environment to its patients. As such, the hospital maintains holistic wellness through its specialized treatment programs and ensures that every patient receives a treatment plan tailored on their unique and individual needs.

Under the vision to provide a facility that enables patients to regain direction in a supportive and compassionate environment, San Antonio Behavioral offers following programs:

  •         Adult psychiatric inpatient treatment
  •         Adolescent services
  •        Substance abuse and addiction programs
  •         Partial hospitalization program
  •        Intensive outpatient program
  •         Transcranial magnetic stimulation

When it comes to substance abuse and addiction programs, San Antonio Behavioral developed its program so that patients themselves can strive to complete the addiction treatment process and pass through the change. Through these programs, the hospital enables its clients, both adolescents and adults to address addiction in the entirety of their lives, and as such engage in maintaining life-long sobriety.

The treatment team consists of psychiatrists, internists, individual and family therapists, licensed addiction counselors, psychiatric nurses, dietitians, recreational therapists and specialists in substance abuse and addiction, as all of them together provide each patient with a structured framework by measuring and monitoring their progress.

Upon admission, San Antonio Behavioral provides patients with a complete assessment that consists of psychiatric and medical assessment, nursing assessment, clinical assessment and lab work. After the first phase, which can include a detoxification protocol, patients start with the second phase of the treatment, which is the rehab itself or intensive inpatient treatment program. Depending on concerns, the hospital assigns a therapist to each patient to effectively provide patient with specific approach and training. If patients are struggling with co-occurring disorders in addition to chemical dependency problem, the staff will incorporate psychotropic medications into the patient’s’ care plan. As such, the complete scope of the substance abuse and addiction program includes:

  •         Assessment and detoxification protocol
  •        Intensive inpatient program based on individual and group therapies
  •         Family therapy program for family members of the addict, which provides them with understanding and importance of their role in the recovery process
  •         Living skills trainings which include problem solving, assertiveness, relaxation, non-chemical coping, nutrition, and personal health and fitness
  •         Therapeutic recreational activities which include expressive art therapy, music therapy, activities therapy
  •         Orientation seminars for both patients and their families regarding the support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous. Additionally, San Antonio Behavioral provides assistance with the transition of patients back to their communities, and after care treatment at no charge.

Facilities and Extras

The facility of San Antonio Behavioral anchors itself in a peaceful and green area of San Antonio. The modern architecture of the building is spacious, while windows and glass walls of the common room and dining area allow patients to rest bathe in sun. Rooms are shared among two residents, while there is 108 beds total. Additionally, patients have a gym and patios at their disposal.

Rules and Regulations

San Antionio Behavioral Healthcare Hospital offers free assessment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Patients are allowed to bring only 1 suitcase with 5 days worth of casual clothing, prescribed medications, notification of sleep-related needs, and guardian, foster, or custody care placement paperwork. All other items are not allowed.


By providing a world class care in a supportive environment, San Antonio Behavioral Healthcare Hospital operates successfully for 25 years, as it measures its success rate through the most important factor – patients staying sober.

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