Rushford Rehab Review: Learning How to Get Better

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Rushford Review

Like a lot of drug rehab facilities, Rushford started as a direct response to the troubling development of drug addiction facing the community in Middlesex County, Connecticut. All it took, in the beginning, was a staff of three and some free space at the local church for Rushford to begin helping people suffering from substance abuse and mental illness.

A Constellation of Treatment

Rushford prides itself on integrating new and holistic approaches to substance abuse treatment that are typically staid or out-of-date. Their Avon location, for example, offers MATCH (Medication Assisted Treatment Close to Home) that provides medications like Suboxone and Naltrexone combined with detoxification support, counseling and prevention programs and family nights where everyone important in your life can learn more about how to guide you through your recovery.

Other treatments available at Rushford focus on the patient’s participation in their recovery which is an integral part of how Rushford addresses adolescent substance abuse . Rather than taking an authoritative and domineering approach to young people and drug addiction, Rushford deploys the Seven Challenges model that sees young people confront their pasts and behaviors to understand better why they turned to drugs and alcohol in the first place.

These more current approaches toward substance abuse treatment are offered in tandem with more traditional treatments like 12 step meetings, individual and group counseling and medically supervised detoxification. For dual diagnosis disorders, Rushford provides extensive coverage from partial hospitalization for the most severe cases to community outreach that extends to sometimes marginalized and underserved demographic groups, like the Latino community and seniors over 55.

Rushford staff run the gamut from experienced medical professionals with a history of treating addictions, to case managers who can help you reintegrate yourself into sober society, which is something that Rushford offers at its Stonehaven sober-living facility. Add to this a whole team of nurses, psychiatrists, and social workers, and you can see how Rushford manages to maintain a staff-to-client ratio of 1:5.

The Healing Network

From its humble beginnings, Rushford has expanded to become the region’s most comprehensive and well-regarded addiction and mental health treatment provider. Seven different locations make up Rushford’s network with services at each of them ranging from detox facilities to medically assisted therapies.

The pristine, natural setting of the 16-bed Durham facility, where Rushford Stonegate and Rushford Academy are located, is the ideal place for Rushford’s residential programs that cater specifically to young men between the ages of 13-18. Both Stonegate and Rushford Academy operate more like institutions of higher learning (hence the collegiate-sounding names) with wholly integrated treatment programs that offer on-site academic instruction, extracurricular assistance offered in conjunction with the student’s school and in-house physical education activities.

This educational support is provided to students alongside the introduction to the 12 Step recovery program and application of the Seven Challenges approach to helping young people overcome addiction. Stays at either Stonegate or Rushford Academy can vary from 28 to 90 days. A full six months at Rushford Academy is possible only with a referral from the Connecticut Department of Children & Families.

Adults can choose from services at a variety of Rushford’s other locations. Cheshire, one of Rushford’s outpatient facilities, provides discretion and flexibility to adults who are struggling not only with addiction but with balancing their professional lives with the treatment that is essential to their health and well-being.

Middletown and Meriden also offer both inpatient and outpatient services with the added attraction of the Middletown location being housed in the historic Town Farm Inn that gives a historical tint to your stay, which can range from 28 days to a full 30 days or longer.

Rushford in the Community

Rushford has so fully integrated itself into the community as a whole that it is well-prepared to serve and address all the many ways that substance abuse and mental health disorders affect people. From providing after-school programs for troubled youth to going out into the community to address elder substance abuse, it can help people from all walks of life to change their path toward better and healthier living.


Adult Residential: $690/day
Adolescent Residential: $615/day
Partial Hospitalization: $406/day
Intensive Outpatient: $298
Outpatient: $100/day
Evaluation: $162.50

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