Roxbury Treatment Center Rehab Review: A Dual-Diagnosis Hospital

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Roxbury Treatment Center Review

The Roxbury Treatment Center in the quaint, college town of Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, offers science-based co-occurring disorder treatments for adults and adolescents. The Roxbury Treatment Center styles itself as a behavioral health treatment facility since its offer stabilization services, as well as inpatient and outpatient services.

The Roxbury Treatment Center also offers substance use disorder treatment to adults and adolescents. Treatment options run from 12-Step meetings, as well as detox facilities and withdrawal management.

30 Years Experience

The Roxbury Treatment Center opened in 1984 and was one of the first rehabs to open in the Shippensburg area. The treatment center is an expansive facility located in rural Pennsylvania and can house anywhere from 30-60 patients at one time.

There are several buildings that make up the treatment center itself. Administrative and business offices are separate from the inpatient residence and the patient’s rooms. Being located on the outskirts of a small town affords the facility great natural surroundings and plenty of green areas for patients to explore.

In addition to the ample greenery and natural scenery, the Roxbury Treatment Center is big enough to house many recreational facilities for its patients. There is a quiet pond area for patients to enjoy as well as basketball and volleyball courts.

Rooms follow the mold of standard hospital accommodations with two single beds in each room and few pieces of basic furniture. Patients share the rooms as well as the ensuite bathrooms.

The group meeting rooms and other activity rooms host the Roxbury Treatment Center’s various treatment activities that can run from anything to group counseling sessions to art and music therapy classes.  

Covering the Spectrum

Incoming patients get referred through their case managers or another professional source like a social or crisis worker. Patients undergo assessments from Roxbury staff to determine their level of care and treatment portfolio.

The Roxbury Treatment Center’s programs for co-occurring and substance use disorders in adults and adolescents run parallel to each other in terms of their offerings. Adolescent patients, aged between 13-17 can receive psychiatric stabilization treatment for anywhere from 7 to 10 days.

Adults get anywhere from 5-15 days for their acute psychiatric emergencies. The inpatient residential drug rehab program lasts for the standard 28-days for both adults and adolescents.

The psychiatric treatment track involves medication assisted therapy and group work throughout the day. Apart from the medically supervised detox, which can last for anywhere between 3 to 5 days, substance use patients receive more or less the same treatment schedule.

Patients begin their day with an optional physical activity and then begin their daily group therapy sessions. Each day brings a different therapeutical alternative like art, meditation or group building activities.

Inpatient residents can attend psycho-social education classes by themselves or with their loved ones. Regular attendance at 12-Step meetings held on campus is also introduced to patients as an important therapeutic tool.  

In Caring Hands

The Roxbury Treatment Center also offers it patients extensive outpatient treatment options. Intensive Outpatient commitments normally last six weeks, but some patients may require less or more time. Outpatient treatment options run from regular assessments and counseling sessions three times a week.

Less intensive outpatient commitments run a bit longer, for more than 12 weeks. Group sessions focus greatly on relapse preventions techniques and 12-Step fundamentals.

The Roxbury Treatment Center is a medically-based rehab center for addiction and dual diagnosis sufferers. They offer unique programs, individualized plans and professional care from doctors, nurses, and psychiatrists. For anyone in need of serious mental health care, the Roxbury Treatment Center might be a place to get help.

Price for 28-days and detox at the Roxbury Treatment Center: $20,000

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