Rosewood Ranch Rehab Review: Eating Disorder Recovery

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Rosewood Ranch is eating disorder and addiction treatment facility located in the middle of Sorona desert in Arizona. Because it is placed in a peaceful and serene 13-acre property, the center is the perfect place for rehabilitation.

There are separate facilities for adults and teens. Rooms are shared but fully equipped. Additionally, clients can enjoy a swimming pool, equine therapy, gazebos, gardens, and desert trails.

Meals are prepared on-site by a professional chef, and the food is locally grown. Dietician creates an individual meal plan for every client with an eating disorder and then cooperates with the chef. All patients eat together in the cafeteria. Also, supplements are provided if necessary. Clients eat six meals a day, while nurses are encouraging a conversation among them. If a patient refuses to eat, the supplement called “Resource” will be given to them.

Rosewood Ranch: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

The primary treatment focuses in the Rosewood Ranch are various eating disorders, while addiction is treated as a co-occurring condition. Drug addiction treatment includes:

  •         Psychotherapy
  •         Nutritional therapy
  •        Family counseling

Additionally, clients can take part in dialectical behavioral therapy, equine therapy, canine therapy, and creative expression therapy.

The primary goal of psychotherapy is to encourage patients to make a positive change in their behavior and thinking, to learn how to resist the urge to take drugs, and how to approach stressful situations.

During nutritional therapy, licensed dietitian creates an individual meal plan for a client and helps a patient create a positive association with food.

The first step of the recovery in the Rosewood Ranch is intake followed by assessment necessary for exploring patient’s treatment options. Intake coordinator helps clients determine whether insurance will cover the costs of the stay. After the assessment and evaluation, the treatment can begin.

Besides eating disorders and drug addiction, Rosewood Center treats individuals with alcohol addiction and mental health problems.

There are six levels of care in the Rosewood network, and they are:

  •        Inpatient program
  •         Residential treatment program
  •         Extended day treatment program
  •         Partial hospitalization program
  •         Intensive outpatient program
  •        Outpatient program
  •         Transitional living

Rosewood Ranch provides only inpatient hospital program and residential treatment. Also, the center provides medically supervised detox for both adults and teens.

Facilities and Extras

Family and group therapy during family week addresses the importance of building a strong support system for a patient. Addiction is a bumpy road, and family involvement is of the essence for staying sober.

The holistic approach is based on dialectical behavioral therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, motivational approaches and interviewing techniques, 12-step program, and psychodrama. Additionally, clients can engage in relapse prevention therapy and alumni program.

Rules and Regulations in Rosewood Ranch

Phones are available for clients to use them but only during a certain time of a day.

The cost of 30-day stay is $36,400, and most insurances are accepted.


Rosewood Ranch provides comprehensive care for men, women, and teenagers with eating disorders, addiction issues, and mental health problems. Some of the therapeutic modalities that the center provides are motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, nutritional therapy, equine therapy, and much more. The staff also encourages family members to be involved in their loved one’s recovery in order to build a strong support system once the rehab is completed.

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