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Rosecrance is a network of behavioral health facilities that provides inpatient, outpatient, detox, dual-diagnosis, mental health, and many other services to individuals struggling with addiction and their families. The center offers help to men, women, and children on their path to recovery.

The first facility was founded back in 1916 as an orphanage for boys. Today, the network serves over 32,000 families a year. In 2010 the institution merged with Janet Wattles Center, the region’s largest provider of community mental health services.

Rosecrance: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

The treatment at the Rosecrance is based on the 12-step approach and evidence-based practices combined with medication-assisted therapy, education, and experiential treatment. There is no “one size fits all” model. Therefore, every client has their own individualized treatment plan.

There are two main treatment modalities at the Rosecrance center – one is designed for teenagers, and the other one for adults. Both include:

  • Detox – which includes 24-hour monitoring and administration of medications if needed.
  • Inpatient program – which is based on daily group therapy and a couple of individual sessions per week.
  • Partial hospitalization – convenient for clients who need to stay at home during their recovery process. Through the day they remain at the facility where they can get all the help they need. However, on weekends patents do not attend therapy sessions, and they can spend time with their families.
  • Intensive outpatient program – that is based on group therapy whose goal is to develop new coping skills and create a relapse prevention plan. Other subjects of the treatment include anger management, addiction as a disease, and recovery management skills.
  • Recovery home program – designed to help clients maintain sobriety and adopt new skills needed for long-term abstinence.

The staff at the Rosecrance consists of nurses, counselors, therapists, physicians, psychiatrists, dieticians, physical fitness instructors, chaplain, teachers and social workers.

Facilities and Extras

Rosecrance addiction recovery network includes the following facilities:

  • Adolescent substance abuse treatment facility – Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus that provides a temporary home for 78 teenagers. It includes school, chapel, gym, fitness center, and a dining patio.
  • Adult substance abuse treatment facility – Rosecrance Harrison Campus which has the capacity to accommodate 97 adults struggling with addiction. The facility includes open living and recreational space, outdoor dining area, chapel, fitness center and walking path.
  • Rosecrance Lakeview  that treats adults struggling with substance abuse in order to heal and have a drug-free future.
  • Adult substance abuse & mental health treatment facility Rosecrance Ware Center which specializes in providing evidence-based services.
  • Outpatient substance abuse treatment facility for adults and adolescents – Rosecrance New Life Outpatient Center which offers outpatient services to teens, adults and their families. The center is known for OWI (operating while intoxicated) program.
  • All-ages substance abuse assessment and consultation office – Rosecrance Frankfort Office which offers assessments, an intensive outpatient program (IOP) for adolescents and adults, and a prevention and early intervention (PEI) for teenagers.
  • All-ages outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment facility – McHenry Office that provides outpatient services.
  • All-ages outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment facility – Crystal Lake Office which offers outpatient services.
  • Rosecrance Dakota Clinic which provides family-centered and evidence-based treatment for addicts and clients with mental health issues.
  • Rosecrance Champaign/Urbana Offices that specialize community-based case management, counseling, and crisis services in an outpatient setting.
  • All-ages substance abuse assessment and consultation office – Rosecrance Naperville Office that conducts assessment, prevention, and early intervention program.
  • All-ages substance abuse assessment and consultation office – Rosecrance Northbrook Office that performs drug and alcohol evaluations for clients of all ages, as well as prevention, and early intervention.
  • All-ages substance abuse assessment and consultation office – Rosecrance Oak Park Office that offers only assessment services to those in need.
  • Rosecrance La Grange Office that provides evaluation, early intervention, and outpatient services, as well as family program to teenagers and adults.
  • Adolescent & young adult substance abuse treatment services –  Rosecrance Waukesha County Office and Adolescent & young adult substance abuse treatment services – Rosecrance Milwaukee Wisconsin that specializes in outpatient program, early intervention, drug testing, and continuing care.
  • Substance abuse treatment recovery home for adults – Rosecrance Woodstock Recovery Home which is a transitional living facility for men and women in order to help them maintain sobriety.

Clients at some of the Rosecrance facilities can enjoy foosball table, a basketball court, yoga classes, an on-site school, conservatory, and a garden for horticultural therapy. Patients can also meditate, attend visual art classes, and attend creative writing treatments.

Rules and Regulations at Rosecrance

The cost of a 45-day stay at the Rosecrance center is $31,050.


Rosecrance substance abuse and mental health network provides comprehensive care for women, men, and teenagers struggling with addiction and mental health disorders. Some of the services the center provides include inpatient, outpatient, transitional living, detox, family program, prevention, and early intervention. The therapy is based on the 12-step philosophy and evidence-based practices, and is conducted in both individual and group setting.

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