Right Step Treatment Center Review – Rebuilding Lives for Over 20 years

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Since 1990, Right Step institution has provided comprehensive and compassionate care for those who suffer from substance abuse. With over 15 locations throughout Texas, Right Step recently partnered with recovery conglomerate Elements Behavioral Health and is one of the largest, most trusted private chemical dependency treatment providers in the Southwest.

Right Step: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

This treatment center offers a broad range of treatment options, from inpatient facilities to medical detox and extensive outpatient programs.

The first step on the drug and alcohol free-path is detoxification. The Right Step offers medically monitored inpatient and outpatient detox. The entire process is supervised and supported by medical professionals. Vivitrol, Suboxone, and Campral are evidence-based medications used to relieve uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

The intensive outpatient programs are designed in a way that helps the patient create a sober routine, make changes in their thoughts and behaviors and establish a support network for a long-term recovery. The outpatient program is ideal for those who have already embarked on the recovery journey and are willing to return to their work, school and family responsibilities.

Patients spend up to 10 hours per week (at least three days a week) in a structured setting, with the help of licensed professionals. Besides the 12-step approach, which is implemented in the outpatient program, there is also positive Recovery approach – research-backed, strength-based treatment. Group and individual counseling, family groups, spirituality awareness, relapse prevention skills training and addiction education are also essential parts of this treatment plan, offered in Houston, Austin/San Antonio and DWF Area.

Inpatient rehab programs in Texas provide focused, in-depth support to help the clients live a healthy life, without alcohol and drugs. The entire surrounding is home-like and comfortable. The residential programs at Right Step are based on 12-step recovery principles, as well as medical and evidence-based models. Right Step’s residents receive the following services: comprehensive assessments, group counseling, individual counseling, family groups, community groups, Positive Recovery treatment, relapse prevention, dialectical behavioral therapy, and addiction education classes. Inpatient drug rehab is offered in Dallas Central Alcohol & Drug Rehab Center, Houston Central Alcohol & Drug Rehab Center, Hill County Alcohol & Drug Rehab Center.

The highly skilled treatment team at Right Step includes a board-certified addictionologist, psychiatrists, physicians, therapists, advanced nurse practitioners and other addiction specialists. This group of people combines years of experience and evidence-based approaches to offer the best quality treatment.

Facilities and Extras

Right Step is a major Texas institution, which includes ten facilities in the Houston area, 4 in Dallas-Fort Worth and 5 in Austin and San Antonio. The Houston Central facility is the most representative one and offers a total of 46 beds in a residential neighborhood. The entire atmosphere is not hospital-like, but very warm. Rooms are shared, but there are no bunks. Each room has a twin bed and basic furnishings. Bathrooms are shared on each floor, and genders are kept separated by floor.

The staff chef prepares the meals – three per day served in the Houston Central dining room.

The residents may enjoy in recreational activities, such as basketball, softball, yoga, meditation and group outings.

Aftercare program helps the transition from residential alcohol and drug treatment into everyday life. The two-year aftercare program at Right Step includes weekly meetings with a licensed clinician. There is also a 12-month continuing care plan, which includes recovery coaching, goal setting, re-intervention services (if needed), testing, etc.

Rules and Regulations at Right Step

The cost of 30 days stay at Right Step is $17,250. The admission counselors work with clients in order to help them get the drug rehab insurance benefits. This treatment center works with three of the largest health insurance companies in the United States and at least 17 additional well-known insurers.

Clients who pay out of pocket, complete the residential program and relapse or feel like they need additional support, are eligible to return within one year, at no cost.


Right Step is a highly professional institution. With multiple locations and programs to choose from, this institution helps its clients to make permanent life changes and stay free of drugs and alcohol. The scientifically backed therapeutic model of treatment – Positive Recovery, along with other evidence-based traditional and alternative therapies, provides a unique recovery experience.

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