Ridgeview Institute Rehab Review: 12 Steps to Recovery

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The residents of Ridgeview Institute stay in three-bedroom apartments with two bathrooms, fully equipped living room and kitchen. Clients share a bedroom and sleep in twin-sized beds. Some of the rooms have views on the property.

Ridgeview Institute: Treatment Programs and Staff

The focus of the treatment in Ridgeview Institute is on group therapy rather than individual. Individual therapy sessions are based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and are conducted only once or twice a week, while group sessions are held daily.

Also, the *Anonymous meetings are held on a daily basis, and the center provides AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), GA (Gamblers Anonymous), NA (Narcotic Anonymous), CA (Codependents Anonymous), SLAA (Sex and Love Addiction Anonymous) meetings.

All therapies are conducted by certified experts and peer counselors. A medical doctor is always available at Ridgeview Institute, which allows dual diagnosis treatment, as well as five-day detox treatment.

Ridgeview Institute: Facilities and Extras

Another great focus of the Ridgeview is on family support and the Institute organizes regular 4-day family program which includes lectures and family therapy.

Clients can also enjoy tennis court, fully equipped gym, pool, and volleyball court.

Trips to the movies are arranged on the weekends.

Rules and Regulations at Ridgeview Institute

The center provides three meals a day for residents, which they take in the cafeteria.

At Ridgeview Institute clients wake up before 7 am, and after breakfast, residents attend therapy sessions. The lunch is at 12 pm after which they have another therapy session, exercise classes, and free time. The dinner is at 6 pm followed by free time and 12-step meetings. The lights are out at 11 pm.

Residents are allowed to watch TV only during their free time. Cell phones, however, are not allowed, although the clients can use landlines twice a day for 15 minutes.

Visiting hours are on Wednesdays 7-8 pm and Saturdays 2.30-3.30 pm.

The cost of a 30-day stay in Ridgeview Institute is $15,530 and it includs a five-day detox.


The Ridgeview Institute is an addiction treatment facility based on the 12-step program that provides its clients detox services, individual, and group therapy. There are many extracurricular activities residents can enjoy that should help them recover. Another great focus of the center is on family support and the center provides 4-day family programs on a regular basis.

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