The Refuge Treatment Center Rehab Review: A Serene Place

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The Refuge is primarily an addiction treatment center located on a 94-acre property in Ocala National Forest in Florida. Besides drug and alcohol use disorders, the center provides treatment for patients with depression, PTSD, trauma, eating disorders, and much more.

Individuals who are on a residential stay in The Refuge live in small, gender specific cabins. The capacity is 36 beds for women and 25 for men. Another difference between male and female cabins is that male cabins are triple bedrooms, while female are only double bedrooms. Also, male cabins do not have a loft.

Group therapy sessions are held in the cabins which make the entire rehabilitation process more comfortable and homelike.

The Refuge: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Treatment in The Refuge is the combination of traditional 12-step philosophy, holistic approach, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

The center offers specialized programs for alcohol, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, prescribed pills, and methamphetamine users. Almost every of those programs includes supervised detox, medication assisted therapy, individual therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, group counseling sessions, and family support.

During the detox period as per need, patients are provided with medications to ease withdrawal symptoms.

When it comes to individual therapy and counseling, the main focus is on discovering the underlying reasons for the addiction. Substance abuse is considered a symptom and not the cause. It is expected that once a person realizes why they have become addicted to a certain drug, it makes the whole recovery process much easier.

Another important therapy goal is to learn new functional ways of dealing with everyday problems and stressful situations.

During family therapy sessions, the entire family is encouraged to share their feelings and concerns about the addiction. This allows them to heal, help their loved one, and move on.

The staff of The Refuge includes a medical doctor, psychiatrists, nurses, counselors, therapists, and psychologist.

The Refuge: Facilities and Extras

The holistic approach emphasizes the importance of treatment of body, mind, and soul. Residents attend yoga classes, equine therapy, meditation, psychodrama, art therapy, acupuncture, and bodywork. Additionally, they are encouraged to attend AA and NA meetings on site.

When an inpatient part of rehabilitation is completed, an individual can participate in partial hospitalization program where they can attend daily therapy sessions. The center does not offer outpatient services; instead, they refer clients to other reliable and efficient facilities.

On The Refuge property, clients are welcome to use a swimming pool, volleyball and basketball court, and a fishing dock.

Every six weeks, family members can participate in four-day educational sessions about communication and family interaction.

Rules and Regulations in the Refuge

The accent of the rehabilitation is on reuniting with nature. Therefore residents are not allowed to spend a lot of time watching TV or surfing on the internet.

On-site detox lasts for up to 10 days, and residential treatment can vary from 30 days to one year, depending on client’s needs. The cost of a 30-day stay is $24,800.


The Refuge addiction treatment center providing the holistic treatment of the entire body, mind, and soul is the perfect place for recovery. Diverse treatment options are combined to fit every client’s needs and personal preferences. Flexible daily schedule leaves residents with enough free time to relax, exercise, swim, or go fishing.

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