Recovery Ranch Review: Recover in the majestic rolling hills of Tennessee

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Recovery Ranch treats a wide range of drug addictions and mental health afflictions. The Recovery Ranch of Tennessee, located in the wide-open countryside in Nunnelly, uses a mix of research-based and conventional therapies to give its clients a customized treatment experience that targets their personal needs. This local rehab, not far from Nashville, is unique because it has horse stables, an adventure course and it uses the healing power of nature to address the mental health issues of its patients.

The Ranch is a one-of-a-kind rehab that treats a large array of addictions. It treats drug abuse, mental health disorders like depression, sex addiction and eating disorders, personality disorders and mental traumas and more. Their mantra is “Accept, Adapt, Evolve.” They believe that people are not defined by what they have done and there is an underlying goodness that can be re-claimed in anyone with the right treatment. If the patient is willing to accept that they are facing a disorder, then the staff at the Ranch will help them navigate the difficult task of adapting and evolving themselves to becoming a the underlying good, healthy person within.

Recovery Ranch Treatment, Programs, and Staff

The Ranch uses a trust-building, experiential therapeutic approach to achieve recovery and long lasting peace in patients. The counselors develop a personalized recovery plan for each patient which considers each individual’s unique struggle, emotional traumas and any co-occurring disorders. The facility has an adventure ropes course to improve confidence and enthusiasm in residents. Then it takes advantage of communal cooking and dining activities to being rebuilding social skills that may have been neglected. The equine therapy, animal care, 12 step program spirituality and mindfulness exercises all come together to provide a holistic approach to mental healing which leads patients towards healthy, long lasting behaviors and away from addiction as a coping mechanism. Throughout the whole process, the peace and renewal found in nature is a common foundation that underpins the recovery journey.

There is a detox program offered onsite to assist clients with withdrawal and substance elimination. The patients then transition into the inpatient treatment program, which is an immersive, distraction-free, full-time residency environment with extensive emotional support provided by the professional staff and their peers. Some patients may stay in the program longer than the minimum 28 days. After a client is discharged from the inpatient program, they move to the outpatient regimen which is designed to help them transition back to normal life among their family and work colleagues. The Ranch is always available for consultation so outpatient clients have the support they need for continuous recovery.

The staff at Recovery Ranch include licensed conventional therapists and counselors and also Equine instructors who also have therapy experience so they can use the combination of therapeutic methods with the relaxation and healing power of working with animals and experiencing nature on horseback. The staff is rounded out with clinicians, clinical supervisors, physicians, nurses and psychiatrists who can provide individualized medical attention to residents at the Ranch.

Recovery Ranch: Facilities and Extras

The Tennessee location is a 2000 acre working horse and cattle ranch with an extensive campus. The residential recovery program places patients in a group of good rehab facilities made up of a group of rustic cottages each housing up to 15 residents in gender-separated living arrangements. The cottages each have their own dining room and kitchens for residents to experience a “real-life” living situation that supports recovery by building a community of trust, connection and interpersonal skills.

Rules and Regulations in Recovery Ranch

The Ranch is a completely drug-free facility, with other distractions such as phone and computer use being limited to unscheduled personal time only. The Ranch operates with a highly scheduled itinerary for residents.

A typical day begins early at 6:30 am with preparing breakfast as a group. Mornings are packed with fitness and mindfulness exercises before and after breakfast. Late mornings are filled with Therapy group sessions covering a wide range of topics.

Lunch can include guidance from a nutritionist followed by Individual therapy addressing trauma and mental health. Later in the afternoon, there are further group sessions using DBT, experiential, equine-assisted therapies and some days the 12 steps program is held.

Group dinner preparation convenes at 5 pm with dining at 6 pm. After dinner there is allowances for personal time, 12 step meetings and personalized therapy homework. The day concludes with a closing meditation and reflection around 9:30 pm.

Recovery Ranch Review Summary, Main Complaints

If you are looking for an outdoor retreat to return to a peaceful sober lifestyle, then you won’t find a better opportunity than at the Recovery Ranch. The healing power of nature is a partner in recovery at this addiction treatment center. Some people are less enthusiastic about the Native American and New Age influences evident at the Ranch and the price tag of around $20,000 for the 28 day program is difficult for some to finance. The Ranch accepts most major PPO insurance and will work with individuals on a specific treatment plan to estimate individual costs may vary. Call their admissions office at 888-387-6513 for a free consultation to see if the Ranch is right for you or your loved one!


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  • My 42 y/o son needs your help. I’ve been trying to get him in a recovery program for years, but here in GA. there is no outdoor ranches. Also my son lost his welding job after he was arrested and jailed for simple battery. He’ll be leaving jail this month so he needs to stay sober. I’ve been writing Dr. Phil for months bc our family needed his help. I’m going to keep writing. We are a very small family and really Brandon, my son, has no support system. He has no children and he has no home to go to after his last wife divorced him. Please he is a great guy with such a big heart. He just drinks beer, but a lot of it. No drugs at all. My son needs a break. I’m reaching out everywhere, but no one will call or write me back bc we have no money. His step dad is on Social Security and I’m disabled. Brandon’s sister has cancer and his Dad never cared for him. Brandon has a lot of shame & guilt in his life, and I’m afraid he’ll kill himself unless he gets help. Is their any way he could get into your rehab program? Isn’t there someone that wants to help a former Marine. He only spent 2 yrs & never saw combat. He’s not dangerous. He’s a soft hearted man that has no direction, and no one that says he does have a purpose in this world. Someone that wants to hold out a hand to lift him up and out of this bondage.. I’ve prayed for years. Will you be the answer? I pray you are. A mother never gives up.

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