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The Recovery Ranch Review

The Recovery Ranch is a residential, 12-step-based recovery program aimed at helping men of all ages recover from substance abuse addiction. It is located in Santa Ynez, California and has another separate house in Santa Barbara as well. The Ranch, as it is often called, provides a plethora of activities that are aimed to make its residents learn and adopt skill which will help them have a healthier and more fulfilling life after graduation. This coupled with the supportive community of peers who are encouraged to help each other through tough periods makes the Recovery Ranch one of the most successful and praised recovery centers in state.

The Recovery Ranch: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

The Recovery Ranch is a strictly residential program. The treatment begins with the intake assessment and, if necessary, a detox in a facility the offers it. The entire treatment process from entering the house on the Recovery Ranch to graduation usually takes 12 months. During this time, patients are assigned work-based activities and assignments that follow the AA/NA 12-step program, that are meant to occupy their day and bring structure into their lives. The main thing that is being taught at the Recovery Ranch is accountability for one’s actions. Through peer support and help from the staff and mentors, residents of the recovery ranch are taught to be accountable for their actions and the consequences they bring. Aside from enforcing proper mannerism, the Recovery Ranch also teaches its residents to take up a trade and maintain employment. It has numerous companies that are being run by the Recovery Ranch graduates and work such as: gardening, car washing, food-preparation and catering, where new residents are given work on a daily basis.

The Ranch also holds non-work-related activities such as fishing and hiking trips, barbeques for families of the residents and even a golf tournament, to bring the residents closer together and help with socialization.

Most of the staff present at the Recovery Ranch are graduates or under graduates of their recovery program. Every person on the Recovery Ranch has had a substance abuse problem in their lives and as such can provide peer support for residents going through difficult times.

The Recovery Ranch: Facilities and Extras

The Recovery Ranch has several different locations which are used for accommodating its patients and serving as headquarters for its numerous businesses. The main location is on Tivola St. in Santa Ynez. This location has 4 houses for residents as well as additional facilities like an arcade, a movie theatre, a coffee shop and a swimming pool.

A five minute ride separates the main complex from Recovery Ranch’s 5 acre plot where their rose selling business is located. This facility has 30 residents and has an outside kitchen, a rage living room and a guest house.

There is an additional, separate house in Santa Ynez, which houses 10 graduates and an additional graduate-exclusive house on Calzada St.

Lastly, there is a two-house complex in Santa Barbara both of which have a living room and a newly furnished kitchen. Both houses have three separate bathrooms and the sleeping rooms are fitted with bunk-beds.

As mentioned above, the Recovery Ranch often organizes activities and events meant for socializing and strengthening the interpersonal bonds. These activities include hiking trips to Yosemite, fishing trips to Lake Tahoe, family barbeque, garage sales, etc. Residents also participate in numerous altruistic events such as: roadside clean up, community activities, providing help at the Midnight Mission in Los Angeles and providing support for the local basketball teams.

Rules and Regulations at the Recovery Ranch

The recovery treatment on the Recovery Ranch is based on the 12-step program of AA/NA. As such the residents are supposed to fulfill certain assignments each day based on the step that they are currently on. Also, there are a number of work-based activities each day that residents have to complete as part of their rehabilitation process. These activities are aimed at teaching the residents necessary skills and mindset to maintain living sober.


All in all, the Recovery Ranch seems like one of the most well-rounded substance abuse treatment centers in the state. It provides its residents not only with detoxification and psychiatry sessions, but instead it helps the patients learn skills that will keep their minds off of substance addiction and its triggers. Patients who leave the Recovery Ranch are armed with the knowledge, the skill and the motivation to continue living their lives as a sober member of community.

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    He is a very intelligent person, but is wasting away. He has already
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    but was unharmed within a month of having the car. The second
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