Recovery First Rehab Review: A Rehab That Guarantees Results

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Recovery First Review

The Recovery First Treatment Center is a rehab that offers the guarantee of all other American Addiction Centers facilities, which is the promise of a relapse-free recovery after 90-days of treatment or your next 30-day stay is entirely free.

Recovery First, located in the pristine vacation spot of Hollywood, Florida offers inpatient treatment, in the Florida model of therapy, so patients can live independently while also attending regular therapy sessions. There are also outpatient and partial hospitalization options for less severe cases.

A Solid Beginning

The Recovery First Treatment Center has over 30 years of experience in treating addiction and mental health issues. The inpatient residences at Recovery First receive both men and women, all over the age of 18 years old.

The facade of the Recovery First facility practically screams “Florida!” with its bold, tropical colors and palm trees swaying in the wind. Inside, the facility is spacious and spread out to include various relaxation areas and lounges to accommodate patient’s downtime.

Patients sleep two to a room in cozy bedrooms that have room for sparse furnishings and not much else. The smallness of the bedrooms is more than made up for by the breadth of shared areas that feature flat-screen TVs, air hockey, and ping-pong tables, as well as cooking spaces where residents can cook and eat together.

There are also physical fitness facilities onsite that help patients unwind after a tough treatment day. Wellness and experiential-based treatments double as both recreational as well as therapeutic options at Recovery First.

Five Levels of Care

Recovery First has comprehensive treatment plans that form around a patient’s individual needs. Those needs are discovered upon being assessed by clinical staff upon arriving at Recovery First.

Detox being a critical step in any recovery plan, Recovery First offers detox facilities for any incoming patients who require them. The withdrawal period can last for anywhere between 5-7 days.

During this difficult and trying time, Recovery First offers 24/7 medical supervision with the possibility of medication being given to help with the management of withdrawal symptoms. After the storm of detox has subsided, patients can begin receiving their treatment for addiction.

Treatment durations at Recovery First typically last for 90-days, allowing for a full treatment experience. The treatment philosophy at Recovery First follows a few different paths. Cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies take up a significant part of the treatment portfolio.

And even though they may be enrolled in a residential treatment program, patients may still be resistant to participating in therapy. To help overcome this reluctance, Recovery First offers motivational interviewing sessions that assist patients in finding out what is holding them back from getting help.

12-Step meetings play a huge part in a patient’s recovery, not only during their residential stay but also after they have left rehab. Family members can take an active role in their loved one’s recovery. Family therapy sessions alongside individual and group therapy sessions are what make up a comprehensive treatment plan at Recovery First.

The Setting Sun

After a 90-day stay at Recovery First, patients can step down to either an outpatient mode or a partial hospitalization format to help strengthen their recovery goals. Many different features of the aftercare program at Recovery First include a national alumni program that helps recovering patients connect with other people in recovery.

Recovery First also has a treatment modality dedicated to helping veterans overcome any addiction or mental health problems they may be experiencing. As advertised, Recovery First takes great strides to ensure your long-lasting sobriety.

The staff at Recovery First can help you identify potential addiction triggers, help you change your living environment by finding you sober living residences and outfit you with a relapse prevention plan that includes exercise regimens and healthy living advice.

The Recovery First Treatment Center offers its patients science-based as well as holistic treatments for a broad range of addiction and mental health problems. Although there is more emphasis placed on addiction treatment than mental health issues, Recovery First can still help you find the roots of your problem and treat them with empathy and care.

Cost for 30 days at Recovery First Treatment Center: $15,500

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