Realization Center Inc. Rehab Review: Understanding Yourself

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The Realization Center Inc. may have a cryptic name, but it is an expert provider of substance abuse and mental health treatments in an exclusively outpatient format. The Realization Center has two outpatient rehab locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

In addition to providing treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, the Realization Center also offers treatment for a variety of mood and behavioral disorders in both adult and adolescent men and women.

Finding the Answers

Marilyn J. White founded The Realization Center Inc. outpatient clinic in the late 1980s. She opened the clinic to accommodate the less fortunate in New York City.

Underserved communities like the poor, single mothers, the mentally ill and HIV-positive individuals who got turned away from other healthcare service providers could go to the Realization Center for treatment or just someone to speak with.

The Realization Center continues to service otherwise neglected individuals. Initially, it was supposed to act as a drug addiction treatment center, but over the years grew to include various types of treatments for an ever-expanding roster of afflictions.

The Realization Center currently treats process addictions, such as sex and gambling addictions. It also boasts a program specific to individuals going through the reentry process by providing them with drug counseling, sober living options, and relapse prevention classes.

All the way at the other end of the spectrum, the Realization Center offers a specialized addiction and substance abuse program for Orthodox Jews. The treatment program understands the guilt and shame issues surrounding drug abuse in the Hasidic community, and it takes steps to formulate a treatment plan combining teachings from the Torah and evidence-based approaches.

Healing the Spirit

The variety of afflictions and population groups that the Realization Center Inc. treats is representative of its home city. Besides the programs specifically for the recently incarcerated and drug and alcohol addicted members of the Orthodox Jewish community, programs directed at the LGBTQ community, professionals, veterans and dual diagnosis sufferers also feature in the Realization Center’s treatment portfolio.

Patients at the Realization Center receive assessments upon requesting to be admitted to any of the outpatient programs. All programs, whether for chemical dependency or clinical counseling, require prospective patients to take assessments first to determine what level of care they need to receive.

Substance abuse sufferers might undergo ambulatory detox, should they require it. Chemical dependency programs for adolescents and young adults, as well as for adults, feature heavy family involvement.

The youth program though, involves addiction education classes, group therapy, and recreational therapy. Treatment for chemical dependency problems involves the staff at the Realization Center helping individuals identify triggers, avoid relapses and find new and healthier ways to cope with stresses and also to express their feelings.

There is also a heavy dose of 12-Step philosophy intertwined into all treatment programs, regardless of their intended audience. The Realization Center hosts 12-Step meetings at both its Manhattan and Brooklyn locations for members of the public as well.

The Realization Center’s only problems seem to be the limited spaces it has for people in its programs. Former patients have mentioned how crowded the Manhattan intake office was due to a number of people waiting to be admitted.

The Realization Center has garnered such a reputation that it is well-known in all quarters of the city. Its boasts effective programs, compassionate care as well as a dedicated and professional staff that truly tries to make a difference in their patient’s lives.

Price for intake at the Realization Center Inc: $275

Price per session: $85

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